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15th April 2018 – Written by a patient at Pall Mall Medical

For a couple of years now, I’ve been considering plastic surgery – a combination of the ageing process (I’m 53 years old) breastfeeding my child, and losing quite a large amount of weight, left me with drooping uneven breasts and excess wrinkly skin on my abdomen and upper arms.

I researched surgeons and the types of surgery available and I fully intended to have a consultation with each of the three surgeons I’d felt I would be most happy with. As it turned out, the first appointment was with Mr El Gawad and I needed to look no further. At the initial consultation I was extremely nervous and more than a little scared! Mr El Gawad listened very patiently to the reasons why I wanted surgery and what type of surgery I wanted, he answered all my questions, he told me very clearly all the risks involved in surgery, and the outcome I could expect. I left the consultation knowing that if I did indeed go ahead with surgery then it would be this gentleman doing the operation.

It’s now 5 days since the operations, a breast lift and augmentation, abdominoplasty and an arm lift. From the initial consultation, to the surgery, to the very minor complication (bleeding) afterwards, and all the follow up care so far, I could not have been in better hands. Mr El Gawad gave me advice on the size and type of breast implants to suit my body size, and they do look absolutely amazing! Once discharged and allowed to go home again, Mr El Gawad made sure I had his mobile number and he contacted me the next day to ask how I felt. I have complete and utter trust in this gentleman, he really goes the extra mile, and you can tell he loves his job and loves making people happy in their own skin.

If I should consider any further surgery in the future then I already know who I will ask to perform it. I’m in the very early stages of recovery but the difference is AMAZING!

More information about Breast Uplift, Abdominoplasty (tummy-tuck) and Arm Lift at Pall Mall Cosmetics.

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