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19th April 2018 – Written by a patient at Pall Mall Medical

On my first meeting with Mr El Gawad I was extremely impressed by how friendly and informative he was with me and the amount of time he put aside to discuss procedures I was looking into. I was extremely nervous as I was very much looking for a natural outcome which would enhance me rather than noticeably change my look. I can categorically say that Mr El Gawad is the best surgeon I could have hoped for.

Initially I had Juvederm injections in my upper lip which have given me a slightly fuller yet natural look. This has increased my confidence and actually softened my face and smile, yet no-one has noticed this has specifically been done. There was no pressure at all and I actually went away for a number of weeks to think about this before booking the appointment.

On the 18th April, I have now had the breast augmentation I have always wanted since I was 18 (I am now 41!). I felt complete trust in his recommendations and have had 275cc implants over the muscle which look and feel the perfect shape for my body size. I am looking forward to the full healing of this surgery as I can see that the outcome will be perfect for what I had hoped to achieve.

I have had consultations elsewhere with other surgeons yet never felt comfortable either with the information or the guidance given. Having met Dr El Gawad, initially at Pall Mall’s clinic in Manchester I left knowing that he would be the best person to return to as he understood what would suit me. I can only say in my experience I would whole heartedly recommend this man – and further than that, trust in his guidance.

 have already passed on his details to friends of mine who like myself are looking for enhancements which achieve confidence, a great profile (from my BA) but most importantly being able to completely be listened to and respected. A great surgeon with a friendly and positive manner who totally puts you at ease !

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