4 Things to look out for when booking cosmetic surgery

At Pall Mall Medical we are dedicated to making sure safety, excellence in care and advice & support is provided with every step of the way. We believe cosmetic surgery should be a pleasant journey resulting in a positive outcome. So why not take advantage of a quick 4 step guide that will help ensure your safety when it comes down to booking cosmetic surgery?

Step 1: Gather as much information as you can about your procedure

One main problem with cosmetic treatment is the lack of self-research.

We encourage you to ask as many questions as you need, to feel comfortable when going for a consultation. Even before making enquiries, personal insight into the procedure should be taken.

This can be done through:

  • Visiting legitimate cosmetic websites
  • Reading reviews of surgeons and companies
  • Advice leaflets
  • Speaking to a trusted member of a cosmetic advice team

This first step is crucial as it should give you a glimpse of what lies ahead for you.

Step 2: Find out if your doctor is certified

Any clinic that provides healthcare or cosmetic procedures should automatically have taken measure to assure their consultant and GP’s are highly qualified in their profession.

However, if you still need reassurance, don’t hesitate to check out the company’s website, which should state the practitioner’s professional information.

If this is not stated, you have the right to call and ask the desired details.

Step 3: Talk to your surgeon

The clinic should provide you with an initial consultation with the surgeon.

This where you can and should address anything you’re concerned about.

Don’t be afraid ask to speak to previous patients that have had the procedure as this can be a big game changer when considering taking the next step.

Step 4: Ask Away

The surgeon should always cover the exact details of what the procedure consists of:

  • The time (how long it should take)
  • The anaesthetic needed
  • The pain expected
  • The longevity of results
  • Recovery time

We stress that if any questions are left unanswered don’t hesitate to ask for further information.

Don’t forget, this is your journey!

Pall Mall Medical have a dedicated team that is committed to making sure your experience with us is outstanding. Contact us now for more information – gp@pallmallmedical.co.uk

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