4 Ways To Avoid Triggering Your Skin Allergies

Here’s how to look after your sensitive skin this Winter!  With the cold weather, snow and ice, it can be a tricky time of year when it comes to keeping skin conditions at bay. What with irritating new outfits, central heating systems on full blast and sugar-filled comfort foods, there are a variety of factors which can aggravate sensitive skin conditions or trigger a flare up of a skin allergy.
We’ve put together our 4 top tips from expert Consultant Dermatologists to help you manage your skin condition during this time:

Tip 1 – Stress…

Feeling confident can be difficult for those who feel self-conscious due to their skin condition, which in turn can result in feeling stressed when it comes to socialising. Stress and sensitive skin can be a vicious cycle – stress can cause symptoms to flare-up which can then result in further stress knowing your skin is worsening. Our advice would be to set aside some time for yourself to relax and de-stress your mind by doing something you enjoy, whether this be reading a book or going for a walk. Gentle exercise such as yoga can also be a great way of relaxing your mind.

Tip 2 – Food…

It’s important to be aware that foods high in sugar may cause a flare-up. This is due to the fact sugar causes your insulin levels to spike, which can result in inflammation. Be aware of the levels of sugar you’re consuming this year – your skin will thank you for it!

Tip 3 – Pamper Time…

Take extra care of your skin – Set aside some time to pamper your skin with a relaxing, warm bath with bath oil to help retain your skin’s moisture, and pat yourself dry so as not to irritate your skin condition. Apply cream immediately afterwards to moisturise your skin and further help lock in moisture.

Tip 4 – New Outfits…

Whether a Christmas present or from the New Year sales, new outfits can play havoc with your skin. What with any sparkly sequins and copious amounts of glitter, irritation can occur when rough materials rub up against our skin. To help prevent irritation, try wearing a breathable, light fabric underneath your outfit, such as a long-sleeved top or a t-shirt, to help protect your skin.

If these tips don’t help to alleviate your dry skin symptoms, it could be useful to see a dermatologist. At Pall Mall Medical, our consultants are able to advise you on the best course of action when treating whichever skin condition you may have.

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