5 Habits Every Football Mum or Dad Will Know About

Are you a football parent? Here are 5 things junior football mums and dads will recognize!

To celebrate our ongoing support and sponsorship of Newton-le-Willows Football Club junior teams, as well as the success of England in the Women’s World Cup - we have explored the trials and tribulations of being a touchline mum or dad; with 5 habits we can all recognise!

If you are a football mum or dad, then let me salute you for living in a world of fields, muddy cars and freezing cold hands. Although we might love the fresh air, there are lots of tales from the touchline that only a football mum or dad would know:


Pall Mall Medical Blog - 5 habits of football mums and dads - bring your boots and brollies

1.) Bring the boots and brollies

Gone are the days of just standing on the sidelines in the pouring rain. Junior football matches are becoming mini campsites. From dressing head-to-toe in the best survival gear to endure the colder months to set up the deckchairs and cooler box to enjoy the sunshine - we’re seeing much more than the humble flask and umbrella!

If you’re the one I see whacking pegs into the ground for your tent, long may it continue! Comfort in our job as a supportive parent is only a good thing.


Pall Mall Medical Blog - 5 habits of football mums and dads - we are all master tacticians

2.) We are the master tacticians

If it wasn't for the fact most park pitches don't have power supplies, I am sure we would see mums or dads doing PowerPoint presentations. What I hear on the touchlines is nothing short of parents trying to emulate Gary Neville on a Sky Sports tactical update.

I prefer to stick to secretly tutting and shaking my head behind the coach’s back. Though let’s not forget, waving instructions to our kids is likely the cause of their distraction!

The main tactical protest that we all share, is the indisputable fact that our child must play all game, every game!


Pall Mall Medical Blog - 5 habits of football mums and dads - the other kids are growing taller

3.) The other kids grow up faster

Why does the opposition team always have a player taller than Peter Crouch, or faster than Usain Bolt and can launch a throw-in further than an Olympic javelin thrower?

When you’re having a hard time just convincing your child to pass the ball, the opposition’s star player seems to bulldoze everybody in their path before volleying a 30-yard shot into the top corner of your team’s goal.

Cue more tutting, headshaking, talk of birth certificates and mumbling “I'm sure that kid with the beard was ordering bitter in front of me at the bar last night.”


Pall Mall Medical Blog - 5 habits of football mums and dads - do parents have tracksuit envy

4.) Do parents have tracksuit envy

The ‘parent paparazzi’ always appears when your kids are nicely dressed up in their smart training gear, lining up in the team tracksuit, ready for the game.

Tracksuits were once all the rage in the noughties for us mums and dads.  Though add a few decades and now we’re only seen sporting a beer belly or a bald spot.

Although we could do without having to buy the kids copious amounts of add-ons, training tops and tracksuits, oh to be able to wear some bright-coloured comfortable leisurewear again as an adult!


Pall Mall Medical Blog - 5 habits of football mums and dads - if only they had our football brains

5.) If only they had our football brains

Watching our children play football is a kind of out-of-body experience. We become someone who thinks they’re ‘good’ at football. We become the Pele of old or the Lucy Bronze of the current (and amazing England women’s team!).

We think a lot during those long hours on the sidelines. We see passes, we make runs in our head, control the ball like Lionel Messi. If only the little-uns knew what we knew about the beautiful game, we ponder.

When what we actually know, is how to bribe our kids with sweet treats, promising our young footballers with ice cream and chocolate when they win a game. Team pride!




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