5 Things You May Not Know About Private Health Care

Peace of mind comes from knowing you and your family are covered and protected.

We all know illness and injury can happen from time to time. If the worst should happen, would you be happy to wait for NHS treatment? Or would you want a better, faster healthcare option?

We’ve compiled a list of 5 things you may not know about private healthcare.



With private healthcare, you’ll have a wider choice of treatment options than you would on the NHS. Some specialist treatments and medicines are not available via the NHS – this can be because they are too expensive. Most NHS patients don’t have a choice when it comes to selecting a GP or treatment hospital; this is often based on the location of your home. With private healthcare, you’ll have more choice – you’ll be able to choose where you’re treated and will have more control over who you are treated by.



One of the biggest benefits for private healthcare is access to private hospitals and private rooms. A private room will allow you to rest and recover on your own, without any intrusion. It also means you can have family visits without worrying about disturbing other patients.

With private healthcare, you can choose to stay in private hospitals or access NHS private patient units.


Quick access to a GP service

Many private healthcare providers now offer an online or telephone GP service. This is often a phone service which gives you access to a GP. Modern technology now allows for private video consultations – so sometimes you won’t even have to leave your home. This service is particularly useful for those with young children or for those who travel.


Extra time

The NHS is often under pressure to meet strict time deadlines and limits. This means patients often feel like they’ve not had enough time with their GP or physician. Private healthcare provides you with the ability to see the same medical professionals – when you need to.

With private treatment you’ll benefit from reduced waiting times, more time to talk to your doctor, and less time in waiting rooms.


Lower Costs

People often assume private healthcare is unaffordable. Private healthcare providers can provide you with a range of quotes, designed to suit your needs and budget. The benefits of private health care can often offset the cost of a policy – for example, the ability to book a treatment knowing it won’t be cancelled can help as you can avoid booking unnecessary days off from work.


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