How far is too far with facial cosmetic surgery?

People choose to have cosmetic surgery for a number of reasons. For some, it’s a purely aesthetic decision, while others need to undergo plastic surgery following a medical procedure.

Private nose surgery and other cosmetic procedures are becoming more affordable and accessible. This means there’s no shortage of news stories about people who’ve gone through cosmetic procedures.

Extreme Cosmetic Surgery

Take one recent story as an example. Newspapers reported how a former banker decided to undergo plastic surgery to make herself look like a mythical dragon. The transformation involved a number of different procedures, ranging from a nose job to green eye staining.

Collectively, the plastic surgery cost in the region of £30,000, which included having 95% of her body tattooed to look like scales.

And this isn’t an isolated case. A French couple appeared in the tabloids after undergoing 15 different procedures so they look like Barbie and Ken, at an estimated cost of £200,000.

They’re now finding out whether they can change their names to complete the transformation!

When to consider a “Nose Job”

Private plastic surgery is often people’s way of increasing their confidence, whether this means modelling themselves on someone they look up to, or dealing with what they think are their imperfections.

This is why nose jobs – or rhinoplasty to give the medical name – are so popular.

Nose shape can be determined by a number of different factors, with the main one genetics. The nose shape we inherit can sometimes be difficult to come to terms with, which is why so many people turn to private nose surgery.

Iran is often called the nose job capital of the world – and with good reason. Some estimates suggest Iran carries out seven times more rhinoplasty operations than the USA, with people travelling from far and wide to have their procedures carried out there.

Undergoing Rhinoplasty

Nose jobs have become relatively common in the UK. People like the flexibility of being able to change the shape of their nose and with techniques becoming increasingly advanced, the results are more impressive than ever.

Before private nose surgery, your surgeon will discuss the different nose shape options at your initial consultation, which is free of charge. This stage is critical as you’ll be able to make sure the results of your plastic surgery have the effect you’re hoping for. The procedure is £3,800.

Following your private nose surgery, your doctor will explain more about the steps you should take to aid recovery. It’s possible you will need to stay in the hospital for a couple of nights so medical experts can monitor you. You’ll also be given a splint to tape over your nose to protect it for a week after the operation.

Experts recommend you take two weeks off work to make sure you can properly recover from the procedure, and that you avoid strenuous exercise for up to six weeks.

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