Apprentice life at Pall Mall Medical: Jacob

Apprentice life at Pall Mall Medical: Jacob

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A strong work ethic is something Jacob Eves is very familiar with. From an early age, a young Jacob, aged 13 at the time, became a proud worker for his Grandfather’s retail business helping out on Saturdays.
Now aged 18, and having previous customer service based jobs, Jacob was the most suitable candidate for the ‘Sales Consultant apprentice’ at Pall Mall Medical, becoming the most recent member of the team.
Jacob knew he wanted to continue in the line of work he was familiar with: an apprenticeship. “I knew what I wanted to do so it’s good to know I’m going down the correct path while getting the experience I need.” Jacob admits his hesitation to start an apprenticeship stating “I was worried people would take advantage being an apprentice”, however, he needn’t have worried as he goes onto say “the staff here at Pall Mall Medical are extremely welcoming and friendly. Straight away they’ve treated me like any other member of staff.”
The Director of the National Apprenticeship Services has previously stated how “Apprenticeships are really crucial to tackling the skills and challenges we face.” Despite only being at Pall Mall Medical for a couple of weeks now, Jacob is in complete agreement: “I am already facing new challenges that I have quickly learnt to overcome, which has massively benefited me in and out of the workplace.”
He continues to say, “what I enjoy most about being a Pall Mall Medical apprentice is the amount of enthusiasm they give to allow you to thrive as a person, which at my age is something that is crucial to succeeding. I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity and I’m looking forward to growing as a member of the team.”
At the end of Jacobs’s apprenticeship, he hopes to have a gained immense knowledge of the company and to know every aspect of the business to allow himself to peruse a higher position.
Written by Tiegan Okine, Marketing Apprentice, Pall Mall Medical

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