Apprentice life at Pall Mall Medical: Samantha

Apprentice life at Pall Mall Medical: Samantha

“They couldn’t get rid of me even if they tried!!”

Samantha is better known as Sam, always had a caring nature to help those in need, which gave her an interest in healthcare from an early age.

So in May 2012, a teenage Sam, aged 19, already started to pursue her passion.  Receiving work experience working in administration at the Awburn House Surgery, she quickly started to learn about medical care for individuals.
The chance to gain further knowledge and develop a better understanding of what healthcare is all about is what led Sam to the opportunity at Pall Mall Medical. The Sales Administration Apprenticeship was something she immediately took a shine to: “I knew it was time to start putting my skills to better use, and this apprenticeship at Pall Mall Medical was something that was going to allow me to continue with the hands-on experience, which I very much enjoyed, along with the training that I needed to excel.”
She proudly explains: “working in a professional environment made me mature a lot, allowing me to have more confidence in myself and my abilities.”
Sam was offered full-time employment at Pall Mall Medical at the end of her Apprenticeship – joining approximately ‘90% of other apprentices across the country who stay onto full-time employment after finishing their apprenticeships.’
Sam has now been at Pall Mall Medical for 4 years and within that time has “truly become a part of the Pall Mall Medical family” and goes on every day becoming more familiar with her work.
“A day doesn’t go by where I don’t learn something new.”
Written by Tiegan Okine, Marketing Apprentice, Pall Mall Medical

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