Apprentice life at Pall Mall Medical: Elliot

‘I don’t feel like a “Newbie”’

Pall Mall Medical’s newest apprentice, Elliot, had wanted to peruse his interest in ‘Sales Administration’ as it evolved engaging with customers. After always being considered as a “helpful person” this was something that Elliot could seem himself succeeding at and, from further research into the position, dealing with the administration side was something that Elliot was keen to learn. This role was one that suited him perfectly.

After seven weeks into college life, Elliot realised this was something that wasn’t for him. “I couldn’t see a future for myself in what I was studying”. Soon after the search for an apprenticeship began, Elliot knew it was a path he wanted to go down in. The experience he would get in a working environment would give him the skills that he needed to allow him to develop a solid foundation for his future.

Once his interview process was completed for the role at Pall Mall Medical, Elliot was eager to start working. He left knowing that Pall Mall Medical was a company that valued its employees and their opinions. “It was clear to see that the position with Pall Mall Medical would give me the confidence and the push that I needed to mature. You could see that their work ethic was one that makes you work to and to develop your strengths.”

From hoping he would get the apprenticeship to now a couple of days into being a Pall Mall Medical Apprentice, Elliot has already started to settle in. “There is a very good, structured induction programme that lets you get to know the company and the other employees, which easily makes you feel you’ve been with Pall Mall Medical for a long time”. he goes onto say “The training I am being given has already made me learn so much and when you’re able to put your knowledge to use straightaway while it’s fresh only makes you want to continue to be taught more”

His choice to do an apprenticeship is one that he would recommend to anyone making sure “that the role and the company is right for you as well as you being right for them.”

At the end of Elliot’s apprenticeship, he hopes to have achieved a high level of his qualification and to have gained a great understanding of the Pall Mall medical allowing him to become a valuable asset to the company.

Written by Tiegan Okine, Marketing Apprentice, Pall Mall Medical

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