Apprentice life at Pall Mall Medical: Mollie

There is always something new to learn every day

On January 5th Mollie started her apprenticeship. After completing college and working part-time at Whiston Hospital, catering for patients, she decided it was time to look for a full-time job that would also give her the education and experience she wanted. Once speaking to friends that had previously done apprenticeships and “how much going down this path had benefited them” her mind was made up.
Mollie was drawn to the “Sales Administrator” apprenticeship at Pall Mall Medical because she had felt she would be able to put her previous experience to use from her earlier involvement in a medical environment. “From working in a hospital, I had grown a real interest for healthcare so this was my main focus when looking for an apprenticeship”.
For Mollie, this new role was something she took to quickly and just after 7 months she was offered full-time employment as a ‘Sales consultant’ at Pall Mall Medical.
“Even though I still had many months before my apprenticeship was completed, I had automatically felt myself benefiting from the opportunities I was given and the confidence I had grown from my role happily made me accept the position.”
Mollie goes onto say, “I had already felt like I was a part of the Pall Mall medical family and  I’m so appreciative that I was able to continue after my apprenticeship working with such great colleagues, consultants and doctors”.
Just one month remains of Mollies apprenticeship – “the time has flown by” – and she feels that in just the past year she has matured greatly and that her position has enhanced the quality of her knowledge for the Pall Mall Medical company.
“I want to keep aspiring to learn new skills that will allow me to continue developing within Pall Mall Medical.”.
“I’m excited to see where I’ll be at the end of next year, to look back and see how much more I’ve learnt”.
Mollie today has been on the interview panel for the next apprentice at Pall Mall Medical Liverpool and has used her experiences to ask some interesting and tough questions! In just over one month, Mollie will be a full-time employee at Pall Mall Medical and will be mentoring the next apprentice here in Liverpool. Her progress is outstanding.
Written by Tiegan Okine, Marketing Apprentice, Pall Mall Medical

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