Apprentice life at Pall Mall Medical: Tiegan

“A decision I certainly don’t regret!”

I had always been creative and going to college sparked an interest in marketing, combining these two factors together meant looking for an apprenticeship was an ideal situation. After reading the criteria of the ‘Digital Marketing’ apprenticeship and researching Pall Mall Medical, I was convinced that my skills would be put into practise and developed to benefit me greatly.
After my first year at college my mind was in two places. A fear of starting somewhere new again, and having to adapt from a routine I became so familiar with, was something constantly playing on my mind. I didn’t want to think that the year I spent studying was meaningless. I had friends that were already doing apprenticeships, which helped reassure my decision to peruse an apprenticeship, but I still felt like I was adventuring into unknown territory.
I wasn’t wrong,
“Explain the internet to me as if I was an 8 year old” and “what technique would you use to promote a news article in the media today?” Were just some of the questions asked in my interview by my interviewer, Raja Pitalia, who later expressed how impressed he was with my answers.
The levels of professionalism I was shown and the hands on experience I received in my role was something I had hoped for and has positively shown me hands on experience received, in my role was something I had hoped for and has positively shown me that an apprenticeship does give you countless opportunities to grow.
Being a Marketing Apprentice at Pall Mall Medical, I feel I have accomplished so much already despite my short time here. With every new campaign and project it gives me the chance to creatively learn and absorb information that will help me in the future, and towards the end of my apprenticeship I can only imagine the amount of knowledge I will have.
So far, some of the exciting campaigns I have worked on include:
  • Collaborating with consultants for an new campaign relating to the importance of exercise from a young age
  • Numerous MailChimp campaigns from breast cancer to flu vaccinations
  • Managing the Pall Mall Medical Facebook page
  • Constantly working with employees to help inform the public of what is happening at Pall Mall Medical
  • And of course, a series of articles based on Apprentice Life at Pall Mall Medical – inspired by Lord Sugar himself!
Despite my change of paths I think it’s important for those who are aren’t happy with their current situation to be informed of the alternative, for me this was an opportunity that I’m very much thankful for.
Written by Tiegan Okine, Marketing Apprentice, Pall Mall Medical