Are anxiety and sleep connected?

The short answer is yes, anxiety and sleep are really connected. 

We all make the effort to try and go to sleep at a sensible time to get a good night’s sleep because we need it. We feel stressed, so we focus on getting a productive night’s sleep in order to feel better tomorrow. But when you lie down the tossing and turning starts and that’s when the potential for a great night’s sleep starts to go downhill. 

The key to overcoming this issue is to build a better and more realistic sleeping habit. Here are some of our tips: 

Create a routine and structure you can stick to

Setting yourself boundaries in an evening will help you massively when it comes to a better night’s sleep. Ideally, we suggest not using social media at all during an evening, but we know this isn’t going to happen for most people so try starting with no social media half an hour before bed and work backwards from there. 

Before you go to sleep plan what you want to achieve the following day, have a plan and set alarms. It becomes much harder to ignore commitments we’ve made when we get reminders about them. 

Use herbal remedies 

Essential oils and diffusers are a great way to help you relax. If you use your diffuser at a certain time each evening the scent can help to be a nice reminder that It’s time to start winding down for the evening.

Lavender spray on your pillow is another great way to relax your mind and body before falling asleep. 

Address what’s keeping you up at night

If there’s something happening that is making you feel anxious and keeping you up at night, the first thing you need to do is address the problem. 

As you’re preparing for sleep, with the lights off and phone away, take a few deep breaths. Focus on the depth and expression of your exhales, allowing yourself to release any stress or tension you’ve accumulated from the day. 

Regular affirmation practice is a good opportunity to take ownership of your thoughts, change any negative thinking and creates space in your mind to allow you to drift off to sleep easily. 

Most importantly, to increase your chances of a better night’s sleep prioritise your own mental health and acts of self-love. 

Now is the time to shift your habits and make a lifestyle change to improve your sleep every night. 

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