Breast augmentation review by Sarah

Why did you consider Breast Augmentation?

Around 20 years back, when I was an impressionable teenager and once i’d realised that in actual fact I wasn’t going to develop anymore. I gave my body the benefit of the doubt and assumed I would possibly be a late developer and that after maturing and having children I would be “normal”. This wasn’t to be the case and so my research began. Unfortunately, circumstances dictated that taking my research into reality couldn’t happen. I had done everything to push it to the back of my mind and attempted to not let it be my first thought and cause any issues, but unfortunately, that was quite difficult to maintain. Finding clothes for my shape, feeling confident in my own skin and feeling feminine were just a few of the battles I found – daily!

It was at this time when I started to consider breast augmentation.

When and where did you go for surgery?

I had a breast augmentation at Pall Mall Medical, Newton-Le-Willows, on 31st March 2017. It was a long-standing decision I had made around 20 years ago.

Your Reasons to choose Pall Mall Medical?

I was able to make my wishes into reality and that is where Pall Mall came into the equation.

I chose Pall Mall Medical for lots of reasons –

From the on-set, from making the initial consultation appointment right up to now, 8 months post-op, each step of the way has been taken with the utmost care and attention from every single member of staff who I have met – including domestic staff.

Nothing is too much, nothing is minor or a silly question, everything is important and emphasised that we are at the heart of decisions and choices which are in turn completely neutrally supported.

How was Your first visit to Pall Mall Medical?

As you arrive through the door you are met with friendly competent, confident staff who remember you and have wholehearted compassion and a very clear attention to detail for their job, this stood out in such a huge way – it’s what you need – people who give that level of care! This was echoed throughout with every staff member I met – patient co-ordinators, theatre booking co-ordinator, nurses, lead nurses, theatre staff, recovery staff, everyone! Faultless and flawless!

What was your experience like with Mr.Prasad?

Mr Prasad – my Surgeon. I instantly felt at ease when I met him, I met him at my first consultation and on every appointment up to and including my surgery day. I knew right there at that moment he was going to be my choice of Surgeon! Everything is about you, everything is supported, calm, reassuring, approached with care and attention to detail and with the advice of all benefits/deficits. Mr Prasad explains things clearly and answered any questions with unbiased responses. He is quite the comedian in fact and takes a fab photo! 🙂 He really is an actual hero, and, with every sincerity – he has given me a new lease of life! …. (and discovered a medical issue I knew nothing about – which could well answer many years of questions and investigations!)

What was your experience during and after surgery?

There are a few members of staff who stand out for me during this whole process, I won’t mention names as it’s unfair as everyone has impacted on me in such a positive way, but, the theatre booking co-ordinator and nurses who counselled me through tough and low times, before, during and afterwards at any time of day, and who reassured me through my fears and celebrated with me post-op are simply priceless, I genuinely would’ve been lost and broken without them! I have had no issues and my surgery went well.

What was your post-op experience like?

Any concerns I have had post-op have been attended to with the most delicate attention and reassurance, instantly!

I can not thank, rate or review Pall Mall Medical any higher and believe me if I could I honestly would and without question, I would absolutely recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Was Pall Mall Medical cost effective?

I found them to be affordable offering monthly payments should you need them and when you weigh up the personal benefits – cost is nothing!

What was the impact of surgery on your well-being?

I feel complete and like a real woman, my confidence is on its way up and I know that if I was to have an issue with anything, Pall Mall Medical staff will be on hand without question!

At Pall Mall Medical, our priority is to provide the best possible patient experience. Each patient is unique and individual.

We would like to thank Sarah for allowing us to share her experience with us.

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