Breast Augmentation Testimonial A Patients Story

Your reasons for having the Breast Augmentation Surgery?

From the age of 15, getting a Breast Augmentation was always at the forefront of my mind.

I would say the main reason for this was, when growing up I realised that there was no change in the size of my breasts. I had many confidence issues, especially when trying on different clothes; most clothes didn’t look or fit as well as they could. This was hard for me.

However, I was aware that a person’s body can develop further into adolescence so I was adamant to wait until I was an old enough, to be confident that my body was fully developed. But, to my disappointment I noticed there was still little to no change. From there I knew I wanted to improve how I felt towards my chest. Knowing this surgery was going to have a big impact on my life, it was important for me to do a lot of  research into breast augmentation surgery to familiarize myself with the process, risks and issues that may occur.

Why did you choose Pall Mall Medical?

I had already heard positive things about Pall Mall Medical from friends but nevertheless, as soon as I knew this was something I absolutely wanted to proceed with, I looked online at a strong number of local Cosmetic and Aesthetic surgical clinics. This resulted in Pall Mall Medical standing out. The reviews I read online about Breast Augmentations that had previously been carried out at Pall Mall Medical were extremely reassuring and their website give me the option to view detailed profiles on the surgeons. This clarified Pall Mall Medical was definitely where I wanted to get my procedure done.

How was the booking process and initial consultation?

The booking process was quick and straightforward. During my consultation with Mr Prasad (my surgeon) I was given precise information about the procedure along with the options regarding the range of sizes & shapes of implants available. I really appreciated the time taken examining which implant would best suit my body. I tried two different size implants (Allergan 415cc & 450cc these were the two sizes Mr Prasad highly recommended), which gave me the option to compare which size and shape I preferred. As this was a few weeks before my surgery, I had enough time to make an informed decision. I came away from my consultation happy with everything that was said and with the up most confidence in Mr Prasad ability to achieve my desired looked.

What happened on the day?

Finally I decided to go with the Allergan 450cc implants, a decision Mr Prasad was supportive of.

Before the day of the surgery I was very scared and anxious of the whole procedure. However, on the day all the nurses made me feel relaxed and reassured me throughout the morning (this also took my mind off the surgery) making me feel at ease. Everything went smoothly from start to finish. After I woke up from surgery, straightaway there were nurses on hand to help me, checking up on me every few minutes.

The recovery process

The recovery process was a great success. After a week of rest I was back to my normal routine. I did have a tight feeling in my chest and found myself breathless very quickly so I raised my concern with the nurse who reassured me that this was normal and will fade in the following days to come. By the third week, I was feeling back to my full self, with the pain and tight feeling across my chest completely gone.

I am delighted with the outcome of my new breasts. Mr Prasad did an excellent job and I can’t thank Pall Mall Medical enough for the pleasant experience I had. I would strongly recommend with full confidence.


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