Breast Reduction – a Patient’s Journey with Mr Prasad

Your reasons for having the breast reduction surgery?

Having large breasts lowered my self-esteem, which to some people this was hard to understand.

I found it difficult finding bras that actually fitted me correctly also, having the constant pull from my bra straps would often leave painful indentations on my shoulders – finding bras that minimised the pain would often come at a costly price. It was at this point I started to consider breast reduction surgery.

The main concern I had about my breasts was the persistent back and neck pain I was experiencing. I found this to be a daily occurrence, this would especially affect me when it came to doing physical exercise, and despite how many sports bras I would try, and this would often result in immense strain on my back, leaving me in pain for days.

Why did you choose Pall Mall Medical?

I was aware of Pall Mall Medical’s high success rate for breast surgeries and as I had also been to Pall Mall Medical for a previous procedure, I was aware of its clean and impressive facilities. I knew the professional manner that the nurses and surgeons provided which was a big reason for choosing their services.

My experience from the last time I was at Pall Mall Medical had also given me the utmost confidence that my desired size and shape would be achieved.

How was the booking process?

The booking process like always was quick and simple, and with help from Lacey (Theatre Booking Coordinator) who was polite and understanding, I was provided with a range of dates and times which were very convenient. This gave me enough notice to clear my calendar in time for the procedure.

How was your breast reduction consultation?

I came away from my consultation feeling relieved and excited. I was able to explain my reasons for the surgery comfortably and what my ideal look would be. I was given a detailed plan of the procedure, and how the surgery would be carried out which reassured me.  I was particularly impressed with the honest advice given from the surgeon during the examination. This really helped me put the procedure into perspective.

What happened on the day?

On the day of my procedure, I was constantly checked up on by the nurses. As I wasn’t allowed to eat the day before in preparation for the surgery I was feeling a bit nauseous, however talking to the nurse helped take my mind of this which really helped.

The surgery went great. I felt really comfortable and pleased with what was said and done by the nurses and surgeons on the day.

The recovery process

My recovery from the breast reduction surgery was perfect. I had followed the recommendations from the surgeon, which resulted in no problems.

I am over the moon with my breasts. The size and shape are now in proportion to suit my body. I feel a lot more confident in myself and it’s great knowing I don’t have to worry about finding the right bra size.

I had total faith in Pall Mall Medical’s service and once again they did not disappoint. This procedure has immensely improved my life and I can only thank Pall Mall Medical for it.

Thank you!!!


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