Can I Breast Feed After Breast Surgery?

Whether you are a mother or you’re looking to start a family in the future, wanting to breastfeed your babies is a natural, maternal instinct. When researching cosmetic surgery there are a lot of factors you need to consider before you go ahead. For many women, still being able to breastfeed is an important factor in their decision to have breast surgery and is a common worry for lots of patients.


To help you along the way, we’ve answered some of your most common questions about breast feeding and breast surgery.


Can you breastfeed with implants?

Breast implants shouldn’t prevent you from breastfeeding or impact a woman’s ability to produce milk. Following breast augmentation, patients with breast implants should be able to breastfeed successfully with no issues and also use a breast pump.

It is possible for some women to experience difficulty breastfeeding, which can be down to a variety of reasons, such as: very large implants may impair breastfeeding, if the woman suffers from mastitis, or if the patient experienced a complication relating to their implants (e.g. capsular contracture). It is important to remember that not all women can naturally breastfeed and there is a wide range of alternative methods avaiable.


Can you breastfeed after a breast uplift?

Breastfeeding is possible after a breast uplift, as patient’s nipples are not separated from the underlying breast tissue. However, some women might have difficulty producing enough milk and therefore struggle to breastfeed.


Will breastfeeding affect my surgery results?

Many patient’s report noticing very little change in their post-surgery breasts, however, breastfeeding may adversely affect the shape and fullness of the breast, as may pregnancy itself. Women should expect physical changes to their bodies that could affect the aesthetic results of surgery. Everybody is different and there are several factors such as weight gain, skin elasticity and age that affect your breasts during pregnancy.

After breast surgery, your breasts continue to change and heal for up to a year, therefore we advise patients to wait until they are fully healed and over the 1 year post-op mark before trying for children. However, we understand that nature takes it’s course and sometimes you can’t control when you fall pregnant.


Will having implants and breastfeeding harm my baby?

No, there is no link between having breast implants and breastfeeding causing any harm or health implications to babies.


Should I wait till I’ve had children before I have breast surgery?

This decision is completely personal preference. Many patients have breast augmentations before having children because it’s the right time for them. However, in some cases it is advised that patients wait until after completion of their family before having breast surgery, such as a breast enlargement or a breast uplift due to the presence of Ptosis (sagging of the breast) and elasticity of the skin. This is something to discuss with your surgeon during your consultation and they will advise what they believe will achieve the best surgical results.


Can I have breast surgery if I have breastfed in the past?

Yes, fluctuation in weight and breastfeeding are two of the most common reasons patients want to have breast surgery after pregnancy. Popular procedures include breast enlargement, breast uplift (mastopexy) and Implant removal and re-augmentation.


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