Cardiac Screening by Dr Sultan

Dr Ayyaz Sultan, Consultant Cardiologist, shares his experience of attending the European Congress of Cardiology.
“I recently attended the European Congress of Cardiology in Munich.
ESC is a huge educational event that generates the ultimate stage to share expertise from around the world regarding present-day advancements and challenges in Cardiology. It is a great opportunity for to network and collaborate on an international level.
The delegates from around the world presented 92 late-breaking science studies and 4,500 abstracts presented in 500 expert sessions on every subspecialty of cardiology.
One such session which attracted my attention was “The basic’s of sport cardiology”. The presenter was a well-known cardiologist with special interest in sports medicine.
The talk centered around the high-risk ECG patterns in young athletes and sport activity prescription in athletes with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It emphasised the importance of focused cardiac investigations in athletes with certain ECG patterns.
I report on cardiac screens for athletes at Pall Mall Medical, especially during the busy transfer window, mostly seeing professional footballers, so this was a session I could really enjoy & contribute to.”