Causes of asymmetrical breasts

Did you know that breasts rarely look the same? They often differ in shape and size. 

Fully developed breasts can be slightly out of proportion, and this is generally driven by genetic growth variations.

Asymmetrical breasts can occur because of a variety of reasons including…

Juvenile Hypertrophy

This is a rare condition where one breast naturally grows larger than the other. Although there isn’t a significant cause for this, it is believed that it could be down to hormone sensitivity.

It’s a condition that tends to form around during puberty and occurs when breasts go through significant breast enlargement over a six-month period before a longer period of slower, sustained breast growth. This can be corrected through breast surgery. 


There are many hormonal changes that take place during pregnancy as the body prepares for breastfeeding, this can make the breasts larger or lobsided. 

In some cases, one of the breasts can be uneven compared to the other as the baby may prefer one side for feeding. As long as your baby is healthy and getting the required breast milk that they need, there would be no need to worry about lopsided breasts at this time, but you may consider surgery to correct this in the future if they bother you. 

Hypoplastic breasts

Another cause of asymmetrical breasts is hypoplastic breasts, also known as underdeveloped breasts. They tend to look small and thin in appearance and appear spaced out on the chest wall. The areola may also appear very large.

There is no driven cause for hypoplastic breasts, but they can be due to hormones in the body or caused by injury or a medical condition. 

Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia (ADH)

ADH is a condition where excessive growth tissue occurs in the breast’s milk ducts. Although this isn’t a direct symptom of cancer, ADH can increase the chances of cancer in the future.

It occurs when there are more cells lining the air duct than normal which are irregular in shape and size. This will form lumps in the breast which are harmless, but it may affect their appearance one way or another.

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