Concierge to the stars! Account Management of Professional Sporting Clubs

9pm. Saturday night. Summer weather. Music playing. Phone rings.

It’s the club doctor.

Put the drink down. Pick the phone up. Step outside.

In the sporting industry – one of the most important factors for the medical team is how fast can a scan take place. Clubs want to know in a moment’s notice if a player is fit to play the next game, or if a player is fit to join their club. It is a high pressure arena, where time is the most crucial commodity.

I’ve been the main point of contact for two years now for some of the major sporting clubs in the North West. I am available at all times for the needs of the club Doctors and Physios – there have definitely been some interesting times for calls to take place.

9pm. Saturday night. Summer weather. Music playing. Phone rings. It’s the club doctor.

The club (I obviously can’t say which!) has a visiting team from Europe playing against them in 36 hours. The Italian team are a long way from home and have no local connections. I was flattered to be introduced to this doctor and duly stepped outside the bar where I was about to begin my Saturday evening. I received the instructions via the away team club doctor – accordingly, I made 3 calls to my on-call radiographers– and within minutes found one who would come in first thing on a Sunday morning. Thankfully (and of course by strategic design) we have excellent and dedicated staff at Newton-le-Willows who live only 5 minutes from the hospital. Finally, a quick call to one of the leading MSK radiologists in the country – who was gladly able to help.

Within 10 minutes I was able to arrange for the hospital to be opened up at 8am, with a friendly receptionist on site to meet the player, an experienced radiographer to do the scan, and a highly sought after sports radiologist ready to provide an assessment over the phone to the club doctor.

Being an account manager at Pall Mall Medical for football and rugby clubs is an exciting and often demanding position. It requires 24/7, 365 availability. When the phone rings, you answer. When the request is from a VIP, you stop what you’re doing. When the clock starts, you do whatever you can to make that booking.

Our Newton-le-Willows hospital boasts state-of-the-art MRI, CT, X-Ray and Ultrasound imaging, making it the venue of choice for many elite athletes and their respective medical teams.

Equally as important, we have a team of dedicated account managers, staff, radiographers and radiologists – all of whom are available within 24 hours or less to cater for our VIP clientele.

Pall Mall Medical is one of the leading providers of diagnostic imaging to the sports clubs in the North West.

Premiership service. Personal touch.

If your sports club requires imaging or medical care at short notice, contact

PS – There are many more interesting times that the club doctors have chosen to call me with their requests, but those stories are for another day…

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