Cosmetic Acupuncture-A Revolution To Appear Young

Cosmetic Acupuncture

What is it all about?

A non-intrusive treatment in the form of Cosmetic Acupuncture is a way to rejuvenate the skin to fight against ageing. Also referred to as “facial rejuvenation,” cosmetic acupuncture uses a fine needle to stimulate new life to the nerves. It is a core supplement of surgical treatments to reverse signs of ageing in the skin. Highly restricted on the NHS, it is a treatment chosen by more and more patients to explore privately.


Cosmetic acupuncture rolls its trend from years back, setting itself aside with its origination and theory in China. It was first mentioned and recorded in documents dating a few hundred years before the Common Era. With the passing years, it became a popular beauty trend amongst celebrities in the United States over 20years ago. It’s proven effectiveness and sinking of ageing marks give it the reputation as a miracle treatment.


One of the advanced ways of giving your skin a little boost is recommended in the form of cosmetic acupuncture. Not only does it heal the ageing skin cracks, it also contributes equally in tuning the skin tone, eliminating dull versions of skin and creating glowing cheeks with a more youthful charm.

Cosmetic acupuncture, or facial rejuvenation, is a great and relevant option if you want to re-enhance the life of your skin, but do not want to get injected or choose a surgical route. In a nutshell, it is the best approach if you seek a painless, non-invasive treatment. Facial rejuvenation is openly opted as a treatment of choice by younger men and women who want their skin to look at its best.

For permanent freshening up of the skin, smoothing out the wrinkles and levelling facial lines of tension; this treatment deserves the attention. It alleviates drooping eyelids, fluid retention, poor jaw contour and every possible skin factor associated with tired appearance.


Cosmetic Acupuncture is time as well as money efficient. As soon as you are on the table you will start to feel smooth, relaxed and stress-free-Further enhancing the treatment experience. Such relaxation and relief make it an approachable treatment. Results are visible within six to twelve weeks.

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