Different Types of Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Many people turn to cosmetic ear surgery to reshape or re-position the ears and there are various types of procedures available. You could be considering cosmetic ear surgery for a number of reasons. Perhaps your ears were damaged due to an accident or complication at birth or perhaps one is bigger than the other or they sit too far away from the head? Whatever the reason, cosmetic ear surgery known as Otoplasty or Pinnaplasty can provide a solution by changing the shape, size or positioning of the ears.

Otoplasty & Pinnaplasty

One of the most common types of ear surgery is Otoplasty which involves the pinning back or reshaping of the ear to make it more aesthetically pleasing. If you have large ears that stick out or they protrude from the head, this can be a cause of embarrassment and it can in some cases cause emotional distress. While, it is rare, the ears can in some cases be made bigger should a person feel that they are not in proportion. Having your ears pinned back or reshaped is a simple and quick procedure that involves cuts being made behind the ears and reshaping the cartilage to improve the appearance and often stitches will be used to pin the ears into a new position.

Split Earlobe Correction

Another popular type of cosmetic ear surgery is referred to as split earlobe correction. The earlobe may have been split for a number of reasons including a piercing getting caught during sporting activities. Split ear correction involves the removal of the edges of the torn lobe and then reattaching the edges under local anaesthetic. The procedure is quick and simple.

Tribal Earlobe Correction

Ear stretching is caused when a person stretches the area where the earlobe has been pierced to accommodate larger ear plugs and tunnels. The stretched lobes often do not return to their original size and tribal earlobe correction can be used to restore the lobe to the original size. The procedure itself takes around 30 minutes. Any postoperative scarring will fade over time.

Cosmetic ear surgery can only take place once the ears are fully grown and is usually performed on people between the ages of four and fourteen years old. The results of these cosmetic ear surgeries usually last a lifetime and if you have good health you are a good candidate for this type of procedure.

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