Do you struggle sticking to your New Year’s resolution?

Now more than ever we want to make sure we’re fit, healthy and able to fight off any viruses that come our way. 

New Year for most people means setting new health goals like joining a gym, eating healthier or making the effort to exercise more regularly. 

You’ve probably found that you end up breaking your resolution before the end of the month, firstly don’t worry this happens to a lot of people. But more importantly, it’s crucial to know why you gave up early. Usually, it’s because you’ve set an unrealistic resolution. 

We’d suggest focusing on a small part of your overall goal and work up towards achieving everything. For example, if you’re resolution is to make more home cooked meals during the week start by aiming for three days.

Rather than thinking of an end result, think about the person you’d like to become and what small changes you can make over time to help you turn into that person. 

If you spend time focusing on becoming the person you wish to be in the future, you will experience health, happiness and many other things as a by-pass of this. 

Here’s some of our top tips to help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions this time round and turn into the person you want to become:

  1. Commit to one simple, do-able resolution  
  2. Turn your resolution into a daily habit 
  3. Keep it specific and easy to measure against
  4. Make it positive – it’s going to lead to a better you after all!
  5. Make a plan and look at it every day as a reminder

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