Doctors See a 95% Increase in Women Seeking Private Fertility Testing- With Freezing Eggs Top of the Agenda

The number of British women booking in for fertility testing at Pall Mall, has risen by 95% as women have started to take their fertility into their own hands. Fertility testing is the first step towards women taking the decision to freeze their eggs. The number of under 35’s undergoing fertility testing has increased by 25% with young urban professionals driving the increase as they are now prioritising careers over having children.

The average age of a women having her first child in the UK has risen to 28 years old. In recent years, for the first time the number of women having their first child over 40 has overtaken the number of women having their first born under 20. Due to this shift towards becoming a mother later in life, women are taking precautionary measures by testing their fertility and freezing their eggs to ensure that they can enjoy their younger years and focus on their careers without the worry of a ticking body clock.

A British woman typically reaches maximum earning potential in her thirties, which is driving young professional women to wait to start their families until after this lucrative time. The tradition of men being the breadwinners of the household and of women staying home to raise children has become outdated with the 75.1% of women with children under 18 in employment.

Many celebrities have joined this trend with Gemma Collins (38), Vicky Pattinson (32) and Amy Hart (27) all publicly speaking about freezing their eggs so that they do not need to worry about rushing into having a baby.

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist of Pall Mall Medical, Mr Sachchidanada Maiti said “On the NHS, couples usually have to wait at least a year before being referred to a fertility specialist. Seeking private help means you can be seen straight away, something which is particularly important if you are planning to freeze your eggs or conceive in your late thirties or early forties.

“Booking in for a fertility test is the first step to deciding whether or not a woman should freeze her eggs. There are many different methods to test a woman’s fertility, your GP will advise which test is suitable for your individual needs, as there are a variety of blood tests and scans available.

“If your GP believes that your fertility is of concern, you will be advised to consider the option of freezing your eggs. The optimum age to freeze eggs is 34, so women who wish to have children later in life should be encouraged to explore fertility testing before this age.”

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