Drop and fluff – what does it mean?

You may have heard of the term “drop and fluff” when researching breast enlargement procedures, but do you know what it means?

“Drop and fluff” is a process that relates to the changing appearance of your implants after a breast enlargement procedure.

“Drop” refers to the stretching of the skin and relaxation of the muscles. This gradually leads to the breast implant migrating downwards and in a lateral direction which is a change from the initial high-up appearance on the chest wall which often causes the nipples to point downwards initially.

“Fluff” is used to describe the breast implants occupying the lower part of the breast tissue primarily beneath the level of the nipple. As swelling begins to settle down and the surrounding soft tissues begin to relax, the breasts will begin to look both larger and possess a softer consistency.

After any breast enlargement surgery, it’s normal for the breasts to appear higher up on the chest with associated swelling and a tightness sensation. Within the first two weeks, the initial tightness will begin to resolve, and the breasts will gradually soften as the surrounding soft tissue around the implant relaxes. It is very important to follow your post-operative instructions for the recovery period to ensure you get the very best possible results.

Patients will naturally want to see the final results of breast enlargement straight away after the procedure, however it can take up to one year for your final results. This includes giving your implants time to drop or settle into their final position as there will initially be a significant amount of swelling.

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