Emma Colclough

I’ve wanted a Breast Augmentation since I was 17 (I am now 32) and last year I finally decided to bite the bullet and treat myself.

Today I’ve come home from Pall Mall Medical’s hospital in Newton Le-Willows feeling happy and feminine. My experience although short was fantastic.

The ward nurses Beverley, Steph and Jane really are a great asset (excuse the pun!) to the company. From the word go they put me at ease as I was really nervous about the anaesthetic and procedure itself.

I honestly needn’t have worried, I was in great hands. The anaesthetist was brilliant with me and ran through all the anaesthetic procedure. I actually enjoyed the experience of being put under!

Even though I’m not yet 24 hours post op, I feel so much more confident thanks to Mr Prasad, Consultant Breast Surgeon and his team. I’m a firm believer in that life is too short and we all have to do what makes us happy, so thank you Pall Mall Medical, you’ve made me really happy!

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