Facelifts for under 50s, the mini facelift

Facelifts have become more popular across the UK. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons reveals that neck and facelifts increased 16% in 2015 – and it’s not just older generations who are choosing this type of cosmetic surgery.
More and more people under the age of 50 are approaching plastic surgeons as they see the effects of cosmetic surgery on some of their favourite celebrities. After all, we live in an era where famous people dictate the latest style trends – and plastic surgery is one of them.
It’s not always necessary to go through a full facelift. A mini face lift procedure, known as the MACS (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension) facelift, is available and will deliver noticeable results.

What is the MACS facelift?

The MACS facelift has been designed specifically for people between the ages of 40 and 55. A plastic surgeon will make small incisions in your temples, as well as in the natural creases that occur in front of your ears.
This allows the tissues under the skin to be tightened. Your doctor may also decide to perform liposuction on your chin at the same time to remove any fatty tissue and rectify any neck sagging.
In some cases, you might undergo eyelid surgery at the same time – it all depends on how much cosmetic surgery you’ll need to create the results you’re hoping for.
The good news is that the entire procedure should only take around three hours. You will be placed under general or local anaesthetic, depending on which option your plastic surgeon feels is safest.

What results can I expect from a mini facelift?

Following a MACS facelift, you should find you look between 8 and 10 years younger. Most people say they have a fresher appearance and that their jowl (jawline) has been significantly lifted.
It is possible to combine a MACS facelift with many other procedures such as blepharoplasty – otherwise known as eyelid surgery – to further increase the effects.

How long will it take me to recover & how long does a MACS facelift last?

One of the biggest advantages of this type of plastic surgery is that your recovery time will be kept to a minimum. You might experience some minimal bruising to start with, but this will soon start to fade to reveal the results.
Unlike a full facelift, you shouldn’t see any scarring. The stitches will pass down your neck, jowls and cheek fat pads, but once they’ve been removed, there shouldn’t be any lasting impact on the skin.
In most cases, a MACS facelift will last around 10 years. However, this can vary depending on the elasticity of your skin and your lifestyle choices.
If you smoke and are regularly exposed to sunlight, you may find the effects aren’t as long-lasting. Your plastic surgeon will be able to offer some advice on what steps you can take to make sure the outcome of your facelift can be seen for as long as possible.

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