Five Top Tips for Ear Care

Ear Care

Just like any part of our bodies, our ears require regular ear care and check-ups to ensure they are functioning effectively. Whether you have recently noticed changes in your hearing or you simply want to know how to clean and care for your ears, this article will give you a checklist to help you put ear health on the top of your list of priorities.

1. Ear Cleaning and Care

If you aren’t experiencing any specific problems with your ears but you want to make sure you are looking after them, the truth is that you have to do very little to prioritise your ear health! Your ears are actually self-cleaning so resist the urge to clean them yourself with the use of cotton buds as these products can actually cause more harm than good. They can compress the ear wax which can cause damage to your eardrum. This is an important part of your Ear Care.

2. Protect Ears from Loud Noises

If you live or work in a noisy environment, you should think about ways to protect your hearing. Your ears are extremely sensitive to noise and exposure to loud noises over a prolonged period of time can cause permanent damage to your hearing. This relates to any noise that is above 85 decibels, for example, city traffic, therefore if you are exposed to loud noises on a daily basis, you should invest in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to reduce the potential damage to your hearing. Ear Care 101.

3. Be Aware of Excess Wax

If you are feeling pain, discomfort or loss of hearing, it could be a result of a build-up of excess wax in the ear. If you hear a ringing sound in your ear or you feel a fullness in your ear, these are both symptoms of wax build-up. Excess wax can be easily treated by ear syringing which will relieve you of blocked up ears and can be diagnosed by an ENT specialist. If you do suspect that the issues you are experiencing are caused by excess wax, see a private ENT consultant for advice.

4. Dealing with Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects many people especially later on in life, but there are many ways to help to prevent it. Be aware of everyday noises, especially when listening to loud music or working in a noisy environment, and this will help you to minimise hearing deterioration. Avoid using cotton buds and other instruments, for ear cleaning, that can damage the cell hairs in the ears, which can eventually lead to loss of hearing.

5. Book a Consultation with an ENT Specialist

There are many advantages to having regular check-ups with a private ENT specialist and getting a professional opinion. Hearing loss can develop over time and having regular checks can ensure optimum ear health. This way you can spot any problems in good time and find a solution before your ear health deteriorates further.

Making your ear health a priority is easy, simply follow our top tips and seek advice from an ENT specialist or audiologist should you experience any form of pain!

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