Five ways to deal with feeling burnt out

Feeling burnt out can leave you feeling a lot of different emotions: stressed, overwhelmed and tired being just a few. 

With lockdown over in the UK and many people feeling busy with work and home life, we wanted to share some of our suggestions on dealing with feeling burnt out: 

  • Take some time to move 

If you don’t have time during the day for larger blocks of “you” time, consider taking multiple mini breaks throughout the day. 

Remind yourself to take these breaks by setting reminders on your phone that prompt you to get up, get a refreshment, have a toilet break, and just have five minutes to yourself.

  • Create work life boundaries

We all want to do a good job at work and sometimes we view being productive as working extremely long hours, non-stop and even skipping meals to get the work done.

This isn’t going to help with feeling burnt out and it doesn’t mean you are being any more productive than someone that does their standard working hours. It’s important to balance your time between working and doing exercise, seeing family and friends and taking the time to enjoy your hobbies. 

  • Sleep, sleep and sleep!

Getting enough sleep every night is crucial in helping you to deal with feeling burnt out. Aim for around eight hours of sleep per night to leave you feeling refreshed in the morning. 

Allow yourself at least 30 minutes of no screen time before going to bed to help decrease cortisol and allow melatonin to rise for a restorative sleep. 

  • Take note of your energy levels 

A good way to stay aware of your energy levels is by trying to think of them like a bank account: don’t spend too much without replenishing it. 

Try focusing on the people, activities and things that bring you energy and try to incorporate that into your daily routine to help balance the energy you spend on work, tasks and looking after those around you. 

  • Lean on the people around you 

Remember that your friends, family and colleagues want to help and support you. When you are feeling burnt out lean on them to help provide support. Even just ten minutes talking it out with them could leave you feeling much better afterwards.

It’s normal to feel burnt out sometimes but it’s important to remind yourself of these five top tips to help reduce how often it happens and make sure you spend more time feeling positive.

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