An Easy Guide To Go Sober For October

Taking a break from drinking is a great way to let your body recover from alcohol intake, big or small and it has endless benefits. Understanding the effects alcohol has on your mind and body can help motivate you to reduce your alcohol intake or quit all together. From heart health to anxiety and depression alcohol can have a wide-ranging effect on our bodies.

A month off alcohol could be your chance to make lasting changes in the way you drink. Alcohol consumption is linked to seven types of cancer, and the more you drink the more your risk increases.

A few small changes to the way you approach alcohol could have a big effect on your long-term health, and how you feel.

One thing you might find after a period without drinking is that your tolerance to alcohol drops. So it might take less alcohol for you to feel its effects.

In order to keep the risks from drinking to a low level, make sure you stick within the low risk drinking guidelines of no more than 14 units a week, with at least three drink-free days.

Taking a break from alcohol is a great for your body and mind and may motivate you to keep up the positive changes beyond October!


What to expect when you give up alcohol

If you’ve decided to give up alcohol, you might be surprised how quickly you start to notice some of the benefits.


A better night’s sleep

Alcohol can disrupt your sleep pattern meaning you spend less time in more restful deep sleep.


More energy

When you’re hangover-free and refreshed you’re likely to have more energy. Maybe now is the time to take up a new hobby or kick-start a fitness regime?


Weight loss

You might have already started to notice some weight loss. Alcoholic drinks are high in empty calories and regularly adding lots of extra calories on top of your recommended daily intake can make it difficult to maintain or lose weight.


Save money

When you stop spending money on alcohol, you’ll be saving yourself money. Why not treat yourself to something nice to celebrate sticking to your Sober October goals?


If you drink quite heavily, giving up for a month might not be as easy as it sounds, so here are a few tips to help you.


Tip 1: change your routine 

Instead of doing the same things each day that you would normally do, where you might find yourself drinking, do something different. Try some new activities where you will find that you are not tempted to drink. If you keep yourself busy, you will have less time to crave alcohol.


Tip 2: eat well 

Giving up drink for a month could save you a lot of calories, so why not make a bit of extra effort and cook yourself something special or even go out to eat more than you might do usually. The money you will save on alcohol over the month can add up quite quickly!


Tip 3: exercise

While you are not drinking and your body is benefiting health wise, why not notch up the exercise and get fitter. It’s a great way to relieve the cravings and it keeps you busy too.


Tip 4: spend!

Go out and enjoy the money you are saving by not drinking and treat yourself to some new things – new clothes, new gadgets, whatever you’ve had your eye on but didn’t think you could afford.


Tip 5: make some non-alcoholic cocktails

Mocktails can taste just as good as alcoholic cocktails and you’d be surprised how much they can make you feel as though you’re drinking if you dress them up nicely in a cocktail glass!


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