Can I Go On Holiday After A Boob Job?

Our mum blogger and Consultant Breast Surgeon, Mr Prasad, explore the common questions asked about going abroad after breast surgery.

Are you considering having a boob job? Maybe you are worrying about how you’re going to work around a trip abroad or your summer holiday?

Well, good news… having surgery does not automatically mean you have to cancel your holiday.  I am going to talk you through some of the key questions and answers that may have crossed your mind already and whether going on holiday can negatively impact your recovery following boob job surgery.  

Is it safe to fly after a boob job?

1.) Is it safe to fly after a boob job?

First and foremost, it really does depend on whether you are flying short-haul or long-haul. Most surgeons will generally advise that for long-haul flights you should hold off travelling for at least 6 weeks, due to the increased risk of developing a DVT. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a blood clot in the leg that can turn into something very serious.

If flying short haul, like travelling a few hours to Marbella, aim for at least 2 weeks after surgery. Flying short haul also has a lower of developing a DVT as you are immobile for a much shorter period of time.

If you have a long-haul trip planned that you cannot avoid or delay, it is best to speak to your surgeon and get some advice, as there are preventative measures such as taking blood thinners and wearing compression stockings that can significantly reduce the risk of DVT, as well as leg swelling.  

Consultant Breast Surgeon, Mr Prasad, says “DVT risk is minimal in breast surgery as patients are mobile quite early and the risk becomes almost negligible for travelling after around 6 weeks post surgery.” 

Am I allowed to swim after a boob job?

2.) Am I allowed to swim after a boob job?

Generally, we shouldn’t be going swimming until around three to four weeks post op, as we don’t want to be getting our incisions wet until completely healed. In most chlorinated swimming pools, hot tubs or Jacuzzis, there are microbes that pose no harm; however, they are an infection risk to any incisions that are still healing. Therefore, ensure your toes are freshly painted as ONLY they should be spending the most time in the swimming pool until you a fully healed!

Should my new boobs stay out of the sun?

3.) Should my new boobs stay out of the sun?

Although you don’t need to wear a turtleneck to cover you entirely, you do need to take extra care when sunbathing. This means applying a good high factor sun cream, especially around the incision scar tissue which will need to be protected from UV exposure. Scar tissue can be more sensitive than your normal skin and should be kept fully covered and out of the sun. In addition, those UV rays can also darken your incision scars which you definitely don’t want! If you’re like me and enjoy lounging by the pool and subsequent impromptu naps on your sunbed, then why not protect your boobs even further by wearing a kaftan for added peace of mind that your boobs are further covered from the sun. 

Should I avoid certain beachwear after a boob job?

4.) Should I avoid certain beachwear after a boob job?

Mr Prasad says “Because patients have to wear a sports Bra for 6 weeks they may not want to wear less supportive bikinis so soon after surgery.”

No one loves a good push up bikini more than me, but for the first 6 weeks you should stick to your post-surgery compression bra’s. To feel as comfortable as possible without irritating your incisions/scars your best bet would be to wear a supportive style of swimwear or tie-back bikini that has no underwire to annoy your healing incisions.  In addition, I would steer clear from going topless, as exposing them fully to the sun can affect your healing, scars, recovery and results.

5.) Can I have a drink after a boob job?

Whether it’s a pool-side cocktail or night on the town, we must try to be mindful of the quantity of alcohol we consume having recently had surgery.  Staying hydrated is very important after surgery as drinking water regularly helps our healing incisions and to ensure the smooth running of our immune system.  If you’re still taking any medications such as antibiotics, you shouldn’t drink at all. If your recovering well and want to celebrate your new boobs, follow the advice of your surgeon about when is safe to drink after surgery and always drink in moderation with plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Holiday activities to avoid after a boob job

6.) Holiday activities to avoid after a boob job

If you are on holiday with your kids then you’ll most likely be dragged to a waterpark. If you’re like me and hate water slides, then the good news is that you’re allowed to miss out on the rides this time. Any harsh impact or any activity when you need to raise your arms above your head could affect your recovery period and results if done too soon! You should always choose comfort – just sit back and relax during your holiday whilst your family enjoy the rides and activities whether its quad biking or jet-skis. Best to leave the running, yoga and stretching in the pool too, unless you are fully recovered.  

Mr Prasad says “Generally implants can settle down by around 6 weeks post surgery. Normal activity is then fine to resume if you’re feeling fit and well at this stage of your recovery.”

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