GPs Warn of Last Minute Pre-Christmas Rise in Everything From Flu to STIs Thanks to the Office Christmas Party

UK workers may find that a post-party hangover is the least of their worries

Christmas party season is here and ‘Mad Friday’ is just around the corner, meaning many Brits will be getting merry with their colleagues; however, doctors are warning that the traditional office party could leave UK workers with more than just a hangover.

GPs at Pall Mall Medical are warning that mistletoe kisses, minimal outfits and mulled wine swigging could be behind a last-minute pre-Christmas rise in five types of illnesses and infections.

  1. Top of doctors’ lists is the risk of catching the flu, which is already higher than normal this winter – a scary statistic when 5,505 Brits were hospitalised with the flu during winter 2018. Skimpy party dresses paired with frosty weather could lead to a weakened immune system while packed bars filled with potential carriers of the disease may also lead to being struck down with the flu ahead of Christmas Day itself
  2. Mistletoe kisses – and any ensuing action – can also have negative repercussions, particularly when the fact that an unprotected one-night stand has a 30 per cent risk of leaving either individual with an STI.
  3. Takeaways after the festive funs ends are an essential end to the evening for many – however, poorly prepared fast food also leaves revellers at risk of food poisoning and the toilet trips, cramps and bloating this comes with. Every year, 375,000 Brits are left with a ‘dicky tummy’ thanks to a meal prepared outside the home
  4. Even worse than the dreaded hangover, a few too many can cause agonising migraines that can last for days as the ethanol in alcohol can act as a trigger for the painful condition which six million Brits are regularly afflicted by
  5. December can lead to increased cases of Dermatitis, as falling asleep without removing party make-up can lead to uncomfortable rashes thanks to the skin being exposed to potential irritants within cosmetics for longer than usual. Public Health research advices that 15 million* Brits are susceptible to this condition which can be both painful and itchy


Dr. Chun Tang, private GP at Pall Mall Medical, said: “Party season is full of festive cheer but sadly these festivities can leave many of us feeling less than merry. We’d advise Brits to take a proactive approach to their health this Christmas, whether that’s booking in for a flu jab or taking up their free jab if they qualify, preparing a post-party dish to eat when they get home or leaving face wipes by the bed so they’re more likely to remove their make-up before bed.”

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