Happy 7th Birthday – Pall Mall Medical

Happy Birthday to us

We've just turned 7 years old!

Pall Mall Medical currently is able to offer over 1,500 different services as a private healthcare organisation and in the last 7 years, we have in fact seen over 45,000 patients!

Keep reading to find out a bit more about our patient base and our most popular services based on the last 12 months of activity...

In the past 12 months we've learned:

Our top 5 services at Pall Mall Medical are:

  1. GP Appointments (including Private Prescriptions)
  2.   Phlebotomist Appointments (see our most popular blood test below!)
  3. MRI Scans
  4. Vaccination Appointments (most popular vaccinations below!)
  5. Anti-Winkle Treatment

Believe it or not, our most common age range for patients is 25-29 years old, with the January being our busiest month.

By far, the most popular service is our GP appointments - we booked almost 3,000 last year.

At Pall Mall Medical, we offer 3 types of GP appointments:

- 15-minute "Express" Appointments (53% of patients opted for this)

- 30 minute "Standard" Appointments (22% of patients opted for this)

- 60 minute "Extended" Appointments (25% of patients opted for this)

Over the past 12 months, we have delivered over 4,500 blood tests!

Here are our top 5:

1)Haematology & Biochemistry Profile

2)Vitamin D (25-OH)

3)Full Blood Count

4)Beta HCG (Quantitative)


Of the 1,982 vaccinations we administrated over the last year, the top 2 that have proven to be most popular with our patients have been the:

  1. Meningitis B Vaccinations (equating to almost 50%!)
  2. Chicken Pox Vaccinations

After being named Cosmetic and Aesthetics Practice of the Year in 2015, our range of non-surgical treatments and cosmetic surgery procedures became very popular! All our treatments and procedures are carried out by our highly qualified and experienced team of consultants, facial surgeons and plastic surgeons.

In the last year, the most popular non-surgical treatment was: Anti-Wrinkle Treatment (over 1,200 patients treated)

The most popular cosmetic surgery procedure was: Breast Augmentation Surgery (almost 1,000 patients operated on)

If you need a knowledgeable and experienced doctor or specialist consultant, Pall Mall Medical offers 5-star private medical care and cosmetic & aesthetic treatments at flexible and efficient appointments.

Get in touch today!

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Happy Birthday to Pall Mall Medical!

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