Having cosmetic surgery for the right reasons

There are many different reasons why people choose to undergo cosmetic surgery procedures. 

The decision is always personal to the individual, but the reason usually focuses on changing something they aren’t happy with. 

Today we’ve sat down with Gemma, one of our breast implant removal patients, to discuss why she decided to have them removed. 

“I had my breast enlargement done (with another cosmetic surgery provider) immediately after a bad break-up to help with my self-esteem. My ex-boyfriend left me for another woman who had really big boobs so I felt that I needed it done too. 

“I didn’t think too much into the procedure, I didn’t carefully consider all my options, the risks or even really what I wanted the result to look like, I just knew I wanted it done.

“I was lucky my breast augmentation surgery went well, and I had no complications.”

A breast enlargement is one of the most frequently requested cosmetic procedures in the UK. Breast enlargement surgery involves placing breast implants between the breast tissue and chest muscle or behind the chest muscle depending on the patient’s desired outcome. Lots of women choose to have this procedure to increase the fullness, size and shape of their breasts and to enhance their overall appearance.

“After my procedure I loved my new look, but after a few years I started practicing self-love and realised I didn’t need breast implants to be attractive. At that point I realised I hadn’t really had the surgery for the right reasons – I did it in a rush when I was in a bad mindset.

“I decided I wanted a more natural aesthetic, and it was the right time to have my implants removed. After nine years, aged 32, I had them removed.”

Removal or an ‘explant’ of breast implants can help women who no longer want to keep their implants. There are various reasons that women consider removing their implants – some may be experiencing symptoms of ‘breast implant illness’, while others might want to have them removed for aesthetic reasons.

To conclude Gemma said: “I chose Pall Mall for my implant removal because the surgeon has a brilliant reputation. My recovery has gone well with no complications and the after care has been amazing.

“I’m beyond happy with my results. I was a small B cup before my cosmetic surgery procedure and now they are out they look the same as before!”

Before booking in for your cosmetic surgery procedure please remember that it won’t solve personal problems or make you look the exact same as someone else. You should only have cosmetic surgery if you are wanting more self-confidence.

A few questions to ask yourself before booking your cosmetic surgery procedure include:

  • Why are you considering cosmetic surgery?
  • Are you having cosmetic surgery to please others or yourself?
  • Are you emotionally prepared for cosmetic surgery?
  • Do you have realistic expectations?

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