New Years Eve is a time for celebration. A time to mark the end of one year and welcome in the new one. So, gathering for a party filled with your favourite alcoholic drinks and counting down to midnight with a champagne in your hand is a popular way to celebrate. 

However, waking up with a nasty hangover can put a bit of a downer on the first day of the new year.

Here’s our top five tips on what you can do on New Years Eve to avoid the hangover on New Years Day. 

1) Don’t drink more than you can cope with

Sounds like an obvious one, but pacing yourself and drinking in moderation is the best way to avoid a hangover. Try to stick to the old rule of one drink per hour so as not to get carried away.

2) Line your stomach

When you drink alcohol on an empty stomach, the alcohol goes straight into the intestines and is absorbed into the blood stream – this means you get drunk much quicker and will have more alcohol in your system for longer.

Eating a big meal before you drink will help to absorb the alcohol and slow down its effects. Salmon is an ideal meal to have because of its omega-3 fatty acids – these help to detoxify the body better when drinking.

3) Water is key 

Alcohol dehydrates the body, so staying hydrated throughout the night is key to avoid the dreaded hangover the next day.

Try drinking water between your drinks. Although, remember water won’t make you any less drunk, or protect your liver – but it will help to keep you hydrated which is one of the main effects of a hangover.

4) Organic wine and clear spirits 

Drinking organic wine, which is preservative and pesticide free, has been suggested to lessen the effects of a hangover the next day.

Not a wine drinker? 

Alcoholic drinks with high levels of congeners can increase the intensity of a hangover. These include whiskey, cognac, bourbon and tequila. So, if you are to choose a spirit, go for a colourless drink – they have lower levels of congeners, these include vodka, gin and rum.

5) The magic of coconut water  

Drinking coconut water before bed will help to replace the fluids, electrolytes and nutrients you lose when you drink alcohol. This should help to ease the hangover in the morning.

Alcoholic beverages are not recommended. If you drink at all, do so in moderation. Drinking alcoholic beverages has no net benefit to health and could be addictive. For a range of private tests, scans and advice from GP’s or specialist Consultants, please give us a call on 0330 058 4455 or email

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