How to eat healthy if you aren’t a very good chef

Cooking isn’t for everyone, but you can still eat delicious and healthy meals whether they’re freshly made or pre-packaged.

When it comes to preparing meals from scratch, we all have those days where we feel tired or simply can’t be bothered but it can be so easy to create delicious meals, let’s find out how!

One-pot meals

If you do choose to get in the kitchen, start off with something simple that doesn’t require a lot of ingredient, time or equipment to make. 

A one-pot stew would be a great option to get you started, particularly in the winter months, as you can opt for frozen or pre-chopped vegetables to make the cooking process even easier. 

Another good option when making a one-pot stew is to make a bigger batch that you can portion of for other meals in the future by putting them in a single serving container before the freezer. 

Smoothies and shakes 

If cooking a one-pot meal isn’t for you then how about making a smoothie? They’re a great way to make sure you are getting plenty of vitamins and minerals, plus you can change up the ingredients so they taste completely different every time. 

To make a smoothie just add your choice of fruits and vegetables to a blender with and add your favourite milk or yoghurt. You can also add nuts and seeds to add some protein and healthy fats.

Snacks, snacks, snacks 

Who doesn’t love a snack? But to keep you fit, healthy and succeeding at your New Year’s resolution the best snacks are the healthier ones. 

Try to avoid opting for sugary or processed snacks like crisps or chocolate, unless it’s a treat, instead select fresh fruit and vegetables, a small handful of unsalted nuts and dried fruit or low-fat and low-sugar yoghurts. 

Opting for a take-away? 

A take-away every so often isn’t too bad, as long as it’s a treat and not a regular occurrence. 

If you’re choosing a meal and can select your own side and drink try to pick the healthier options where possible like vegetables and a water rather than chips and a milkshake. 

Where possible, choose grilled, baked or steamed dishes instead of deep fried, creamed, buttered or battered options. 

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