How to Stay Positive During Lockdown Number Three

While we’re in lockdown, it’s more important than ever to stay connected, inspired, and help each other. As each of us are impacted differently by the current health crisis, we enter a space where we can reflect. We’ll be sharing our top tips to stay well, be mindful, get creative, and find meaning in this moment.


  1. Routine is key

Routine is crucial to help you stay positive and motivated. You may not be an early riser, but kickstarting your day earlier than usual might give you the boost you need. Why not watch a motivational video in the morning or put on your favourite music on! Creating a detailed schedule is also a useful habit. This way, even if you forget to do something from your to-do-list, you can always keep track of what needs to be done and move it to the next day.


  1. Look after your body

We should always remember to treat our bodies with the utmost respect. It’s important to find a routine that keeps you healthy mentally and physically. Yoga, stretching, meditation, cold shower – you name it. There are so many ways to keep our bodies happy. It is especially important to take care of ourselves in times like these.

Staying physically active can be a great coping mechanism, whether it’s to take your mind off things or to focus on your goals, it’s never a bad idea to get active!

The mind is equally important because it is an essential part of the body. Keeping yourself busy with something that interests you is very important. It’s stimulating for the brain and you learn new techniques to manage yourself during this challenging period.


  1. Embrace your emotions

We need to remind ourselves that it’s okay to experience negative emotions from time to time. We have all experienced them – they are a natural part of life. After all, without sadness, we wouldn’t know joy. It’s hard and unnecessary to stay positive all the time. Instead, we should pay attention to our feelings and embrace them.


  1. It’s time to go offline/outside

It’s important to focus on living in the moment. Why not look at this lockdown as a chance for you to get a head start? A few extra months for you to start that hobby or home improvement you’ve been putting off for the last year or so. It’s all about the way we look at things!

Try to reduce the amount of information you consume online, keeping up with the news can sometimes be daunting. Focus on the good, be thankful for your health.

Even in colder weather, we can still wrap up, get out and go for a walk! The cold air on your cheeks can feel refreshing.

  1. Do what makes you happy

Make time to do the activities that make you feel happy and calm. It’s easy to feel the pressure when everywhere you look its home workouts and at-home baking– if you don’t manage to complete your goals today, that’s ok, there’s always tomorrow!

It’s important to set a few hours of the day aside to do what you enjoy, it can do wonders for your happiness.


Talk it over

Covid-19 has made it a lot harder to be with others in person, and winter can make it harder still. That’s a big issue for millions of people and the mental health consequences for some will be serious. So, it’s a good idea to maximise the little social contact that’s available. Video call your friends and family, we have so much technology around us – let’s utilise it for the good at a time like this!

Talking your problems over with a friend or family member can help you reframe your problems and move through them.


If you’re struggling with any aspect of your health, At Pall Mall we offer support with our consultant psychologists for children and adults. For more information click here or call us on 03300 58 44 55.

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