Everything you need to know about a Non-Surgical Nose Jobs,

Non-Surgical Nose Jobs

As a procedure, the non-surgical nose job, or rhinoplasty is something of a pioneer.

Now you are able to achieve your desired result, such as getting rid of a bump in your nose or correcting a crooked nose shape without having to be faced with surgery.

This is achieved through the injection of a dermal filler into the area, which will ensure a smoother line down from the tip to the base of the nose. Even though a filler is used, the effect it has in reality, makes the nose seem smaller.

On occasion, this practice is referred to as the 15-minute nose-job.

Unlike the conventional nose job, there are:

  • No excessive downtime
  • No risks from a general anaesthetic
  • No drawn out healing process until you see the results

If you’re wondering whether or not this procedure might be for you, things such as; a crooked nose, a small nose, hook-shaped noses, bumps, drooping, and lack of definition can all be helped through the use of dermal injections.

Many professionals recommend a non-surgical nose job purely based on the fact that it removes the invasive nature of the standard procedure. Also, for those who are a little more nervous to committing to any form of plastic surgery, as there is no general anaesthetic you would be able to talk to the surgeon during the procedure if needed.

Only a small amount of temporary bruising will occur around the area that has had the injections. There is no risk of scarring or prolonged discomfort that may be a potential side effect of a traditional and rudimentary Rhinoplasty.

At Pall Mall Medical we tend to use Hyaluronic acid as our chosen filler, also referred to sometimes as Juvederm. This is a non-allergenic filler that will last anywhere between 6 and 10 months. Another advantage of this is that a reversal attempt can always be made as to the enzyme, hyaluronidase can be used to break down the filler. However, these discussions and decisions can be made with your private plastic surgeon at your initial consultation.

Many people opt to have a non-surgical Rhinoplasty first, without having to commit to surgery. Once they’re happy with their results and have seen the real benefit of the procedure, they decide to elect for the surgical equivalent.

To find out the best procedure for you, book a free non-surgical nose job consultation with one of our highly trained professionals today, who will be happy to talk through your options and the procedure in length answering any questions you may have. This procedure is also available with the option of Pall Mall Medical finance options.

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