Pall Mall Medical, as seen on ITV

Jeremy Kyle; a name long associated with ITV. But is Pall Mall Medical to soon, also share that association?

Over the past week, at 2 o’clock every weekday, ITV’s new reality TV show – The Emergency Room – has been making its debut. The show gives people an opportunity to get assistance, treatment and diagnoses that haven’t previously been possible.

Pall Mall Medical, with its impressive facilities, has played a huge part behind the scenes to support Jeremy Kyle’s Emergency Room.

Pall Mall Medical was delighted to be chosen as the medical partner in the show, and have carried out a large range of diagnostics and tests on the patients.

From fertility tests to MRI scans, Pall Mall Medical have supported ITV through it all.

Pall Mall Medical’s state-of-the-art imaging department – comprising of X-Ray, MRI, CT, Ultrasound and Mammography – has seen a wide range of activity in the behind the scenes build-up to Jeremy Kyle’s new TV show.

Several Pall Mall Medical consultants have investigated specialist and rare conditions that have previously been either misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all.

Dozens of different blood tests have been carried out with some results back to patients as quickly as within 4 hours – this is the normal turnaround for many of the blood tests we offer, so we help our patients avoid unnecessary worry and concern.

Tune in every weekday this week at 14:00, and see the new Pall Mall Medical at ITV partnership in action. 

If you are suffering from any conditions and want a first or second opinion – contact one of our clinics in city centre Manchester, Liverpool or Newton-le-Willows for rapid access to a wide range of professional private healthcare services, as seen on TV.

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