King of the Castle, Danny Miller visits the Pall Mall Manchester clinic

King of the Castle and former Emmerdale soap star, Danny Miller and his fiancé Steph, recently visited our Manchester clinic to undergo our Ultimate Health Screen.

On Tuesday the 11th of January, Danny and Steph visited our convenient King Street clinic to attend a private health screen. After his time in the castle Danny wanted to ensure he was in tip-top health and following the birth of their son, Steph wanted to check she was in good shape too.

On arrival Danny and Steph received a detailed leaflet regarding information on what is included in our Ultimate Health Screen and what kind of the test check for.

Speaking about their visit, Steph said: “Great experience at Pall Mall today. Thanks again for all of the health advice!” 

Did you know the best time to have a health screen is when you’re feeling fine? This is because these types of in-depth health screens can detect underlying medical problems that may not currently be presenting any symptoms.

At Pall Mall your health screen will start by completing a questionnaire, so we can take into consideration your lifestyle and how this may affect your health and general well-being. You’ll also provide details of your medical history including any family history you may be aware of, as this will help us to understand your current and potential future state of health.

You will then have a consultation with an experienced doctor, so that you can discuss your health openly and in confidence. This will be followed by a physical examination and several blood tests depending on the type of heath screen you’ve chosen. Within a few weeks of your visit you’ll receive a full, personalised report detailing all aspects of your health screen and there will also be the option of a follow up appointment with your doctor, to discuss all the findings, which can be either by telephone or face-to-face.

To read more about our health screens, including our Ultimate Health Screen, please visit our website

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