Liposuction – Exercise and Diet versus the surgical option

Our mum bloggers guide to liposuction and how this compares to diet and exercise as a non-surgical option.

Have you had enough of your stubborn areas of fat that just will not shift? Do you dream of a smoother, or more contoured body?  You’ve probably tried every diet out there and have still struggled to lose fat in certain areas, particularly the ‘love handle’ area!  After trawling the internet desperate to find a solution, I am sure you will have come across the term liposuction and thought I am definitely down for that!  Hold your horses…liposuction may sound amazing but it may not always be the right option for you.  I am going to talk you through the benefits of liposuction and how this compares to the non-surgical options of a healthy diet and exercise.

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1.) So what is liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that permanently removes fatty deposits from the body in order to create a more slim-line shape. As I have already mentioned, sometimes fat and saggy skin can be difficult to shift through exercise or diet alone, especially on the tummy, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees and chin.

Liposuction can take around 1-2 hours in theatre and generally the maximum amount of fat that can be safely removed in a single procedure is around 6-8 pounds (around half a stone).

When should you consider liposuction?

2.) When should you consider liposuction?

It’s not just lifestyle choices that make liposuction popular, but fast and effective results that can be delivered in time for a wedding, holiday or special event.

If you’ve been snowed under with your daily parenting duties, working long or unsociable hours, then it can become very difficult to get the time to make big lifestyle changes. The pressures of our hectic days along with exercise regimes not going to plan and let’s not even talk about the diet! At this point it’s safe to say liposuction is definitely an option.  

How does liposuction compare to good dieting?

3.) How does it compare to good dieting?

Liposuction is not seen as a weight loss procedure. For example if you needed to drop 3 dress sizes…liposuction would not be the right treatment for you.  Liposuction is most effective on fairly small, targeted areas of fat that you have had no luck getting rid of through adopting a healthy diet and exercise plan.

We’ve all seen the video’s online when dietary changes can be life changing. It does take considerable commitment to lifelong changes, especially if it means cutting down on your calorie intake, changing the types of food you eat and the amount of foods you eat. By doing this naturally, you can achieve spectacular results to both your figure and your overall health too.

Though, many times we can all try various diets to less success. Whether its hard to follow or difficult to break our habits and routine, most people find they yo-yo with their weight loss results. Your profession or job may also make this difficult, especially if you work long hours, or shift patterns that don’t always make food preparation easy. In these situations, eating healthy is a given as the right choice, but surgery may be a more efficient way to achieve the results you want to show off in your bikini or feel confident in the clothes you want to wear.

How does liposuction compare to exercising?

4.) How does it compare to exercising?

Maybe you are going the gym regularly, putting in the hard work and doing those spin classes too. However, you’re not shifting a troublesome area of fat?  What we understand about shifting excess weight is that sometimes no matter what we do, we just can’t get rid of some pockets of stubborn fat. However, if it is weight loss you’re after, sticking to your exercise is the right choice, it also helps to relieve stress from your day and helps keep you physically fit and well.

Though, if you are working hard and can’t get rid of some stubborn fat, then Liposuction can remove these troublesome remaining spots.

What are the benefits of liposuction?

5.) What are the benefits of liposuction?

Many patients who have undergone liposuction procedures say the key benefits include…reducing body fat, feeling better about their bodies, and also wearing a wide range of clothes without worry or embarrassment.  That being said…you cannot assume that devouring a packet of hob nobs every day is going to be acceptable post-surgery.  As although your excess fat is removed, not committing to a healthy diet or continued exercise is going to mean those biscuits will head straight back to your problem areas and you can still gain weight again. Surgery can achieve results in a short space of time, but is not a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise. It can though, give you a headstart, or kickstart for maintaining a slimmer figure and keeping excess weight at bay.

What do I need to know about liposuction?

6.) What do I need to know about liposuction?

Any area of your body that has a pocket of fat is perfect for liposuction; the most typical areas that are treated are the inner and outer thighs, ‘bingo wings’, abdomen and ‘love handles’.  In terms of the procedure itself liposuction is undertaken by a plastic surgeon – so you’ll be in safe hands with a medical professional. Most patients are only admitted as a day-case, recovery is usually very quick, being able to return home same day, which is great if you’re a parent or need to be back in the family home. Most people return to work within a week or two of surgery so the downtime is not too long either. On the plus side, after a few weeks your swelling, soreness and bruising is also likely to have settled considerably and your results will soon be easy to see!   

In summary, liposuction is now an acceptable and accessible solution to getting rid of those unwanted and most certainly unloved stubborn areas of fat. Of course, to maintain your fantastic results, you must eat well and exercise regularly to ensure your results are not disappearing anytime soon. 

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What can I do next?

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