Lisa Lee – My Story

New Year – New Me

I had my pre-op/procedure at Pall Mall Cosmetics at their hospital in Newton-le-Willows on the 02/01/18 with Nurse Maxine. All staff at Pall Mall were amazing, very caring and attentive. I was made to feel comfortable straight away and all of my questions were answered.

I was very nervous about my op (fear of general anaesthetic and hospitals). The evening before I was due to go in I emailed Mr Nassab and again very promptly received a reply alleviating my fears and reassuring me.

My surgery was with Mr Nassab on the 08/01/18 and I arrived at Pall Mall at 7.30am on the day of my surgery and Maxine was there to book me in and out, and put my mind at rest on the morning with surgery scheduled for 8am. I was seen by Mr Nassab and the anaesthetist. Mr Nassab drew on my stomach on the areas that would be removed for Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and where Liposuction would take place, this was explained in detail. I felt at ease and was taken to theatre for 8am.

The theatre staff were also very kind and caring, knowing how nervous I was. The next thing I remember is being in recovery. Mr Nassab came in and told me how much skin had been removed 1.7kg and 900ml liposuction. I was taken back to my room and was looked after by the very attentive nurses. I remained at Pall Mall Medical overnight and was taken very good care of by all staff. I literally couldn’t of asked for anything more. Mr Nassab came to see me the afternoon of my op and again the following morning before I was released. Theatre staff were lovely and the nurses that looked after me all day and the overnight nurses, absolutely amazing. Very helpful and kind. I was given contact numbers when I left the next day, all medication and follow up appointments.

I was given a follow up appointment for the next week. I have seen Mr Nassab at all of my follow up appointments and if I have contacted him with any concerns in between he has promptly replied. I had 2 follow up appointments with Maxine. Maxine was so helpful and said she was happy for me to text or call her if I was worried about anything. Overall amazing care from Pall Mall Cosmetics and their staff and I will be going back for my next surgery.

I found Mr Nassab to be very professional, kind, caring and extremely passionate about his job. I couldn’t be anymore pleased with my results. I have the neatest straightest scar (the envy of my instagram followers), my belly button (words fail me) it looks amazing. I am so glad I chose Mr Reza Nassab to do my surgery and will be returning to him to have my breast uplift in the next few months (I wouldn’t go anywhere else). I highly recommend Mr Nassab and anyone thinking about getting cosmetic procedures to contact him and to follow the surgery pages on instagram (nassabplasticsurgery).

I created my own instagram page (newjourney2018) prior to surgery that has been very helpful and supportive and has also put me in contact with other ladies who had there procedure completed by Reza Nassab, In my view an excellent surgeon that I would highly recommend, again I am extremely please with my results and will be returning to Mr Nassab for my next surgery. I am happy for anyone to contact me via instagram page if you have any questions.

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