Love Your Breasts – Achieve Your Ideal Size, Shape and Proportion

My breasts are one of the most prominent physical features of my body! Apart from various biological functions related to maternity, breasts are a symbol of my femininity.

I have an average height with a not so athletic body. My work and family commitments leave little time for an exercise routine or an activity plan. But, I do take pride in having very healthy eating habits. I choose my diet very carefully to include essential nutrients required for a healthy life.

The size and shape of my breasts do affect my life and lifestyle in terms of the kind of clothes I wear or the activities I choose to do. I’ve realized that when I know I look good, I feel a sense of confidence in whatever I do. Since my breasts are a part of my overall appearance, I felt that with fuller breasts I could get a confidence boost indeed.

As a mother of two (5 and 9 years old), I was keen to restore my youth to how I was before the birth of my beautiful children. 5 years after having my second child, I realized it was time to treat myself!

I underwent a breast enlargement surgery recently. This was my first surgical experience and I did not know what to expect when I started my search. I found out quickly that breast surgery includes several kinds of procedures. Below is a quick guide to these surgical options.

There are the 4 main types of surgeries one can opt for to achieve the desired appearance.

  1. Breast Enlargement & Augmentation Surgery
    Breast enlargement surgery or a “boob job” is the most popular procedure chosen by women in the UK (and in the world!) to achieve larger, firmer and fuller breasts. This is achieved by using surgical grade implants within the breasts. There are many reasons to choose this procedure, some of which include –

    1. Breasts are not as full as desired
    2. Unfavorable changes in shape and size after weight loss/ pregnancy
    3. Asymmetrical breasts
    4. Adjustment of size and volume

(This was the procedure I opted for, in combination with an uplift procedure – read more below!)

This procedure has helped many women reclaim the lifestyle they wanted, such as wear a bikini or a strapless dress or comfortably play a sport. For me, it gave me a heightened sense of femininity, and did wonders to boost my self-confidence and self-esteem.

Breast Uplift / Mastopexy

  1. A mastopexy, also known as a ‘breast uplift’, ‘breast uplift’ or ‘boob lift’ surgery, is a procedure to reshape your breasts into a more youthful and firm appearance. This surgery involves removal of excess skin from underneath the breasts, tightening of the skin and tissue and repositioning of the nipple for a completely new or refreshed look.
    Reasons to opt for this surgery could be –

    1. Loss of fullness and shape of breasts after pregnancy, weight loss or due to natural ageing process
    2. Breasts are no longer firm and pert
    3. Breasts appear ‘flat’ or ‘empty’ – Deflated breasts with loose skin and sagginess/ sagging/ lost elasticity

In some cases, this procedure can be performed alongside breast enlargement or breast reduction or (mini-) abdominoplasty to help achieve the desired look.

As I mentioned earlier, I went for this procedure at the same time as my breast augmentation.

Breast Implant Removal & Replacement

  1. This procedure is a surgery to remove old implants and replace them with new ones (sometimes you may choose not to replace them and instead remove them completely).

But why would someone want to remove or replace breast implants?
The reason is that breast implants are not for lifetime, and thus may sometimes require additional surgery to replace them over time. Some cases where a breast removal procedure could be required are as follows –

  1. Changes in body shape and size since you had your implants fitted
  2. Desire to change the type of implants used to get the look that you desire

I was quite paranoid about this when I went for my first consultation. I asked my surgeon if I needed to replace them every 10 years like the myths! My surgeon was great. He did honestly say that there may be a need to replace them, however he has had many patients who have had the same implants in for over 15 years!

He also said, if there is need for extra surgery, then the surgeon / company should provide a warranty. Pall Mall Medical had a very comprehensive after care program – thankfully I’ve not had to use it, but it gave (still gives) me peace of mind that it’s there if I need it!

Private Breast Reduction Surgery

  1. Mammoplasty, also known as breast reduction surgery, is an operation to remove excess weight and volume of the breasts. During this procedure, the breasts are reshaped and the nipples are repositioned to form new smaller breasts as per the desired cup size and shape.
    The size of breasts can be influenced by inherited genes and increasing or decreasing body weight or hormones.
    While cosmetic in nature, this surgery is also performed to alleviate problems of back aches / neck pains and increasing body weight and to correct the body posture.

Some of the benefits of this surgery can be –

  1. Elimination of the constant pain of indentation from bra straps, skin irritation, back and neck pain and posture problems
  2. Comfortable involvement in sporting activities
  3. Boost in self confidence with a change in appearance. Having breasts that are out of proportion to body height and weight can be embarrassing, especially for teenagers and young women.
  4. Fitting into standard size/fitting of many high-street brands

Once you have decided the type of breast surgery that is suitable for you, the next step should be to consult an experienced cosmetic specialist. Your consultant will discuss your requirements and provide you in-depth insights and information about your surgery. Every woman’s breasts are different in shape and size and hence, the recommended procedure for you would be specific to your case. Depending on the desired appearance, there can be many kinds or a combination of different surgeries.

Several clinics provide free consultations, which could be a great starting point when you are contemplating about going under the knife. However, make sure that you book an appointment with a surgeon who will operate on you and not a ‘Patient Coordinator’. Meeting the surgeon who will operate on you can be both insightful and reassuring.

My surgeon listened to me and took the time to explain the details of the procedure. He was equally informative about the post-op care, which was very useful. Do not hesitate to ask your consultant all the questions you have in mind before undergoing the surgery.

This is a big decision – I spent several months thinking and researching about it – and you should decide to proceed only when you have all the information. Last thing you want is being pressured by sales staff.

If you’ve been wondering about getting a breast surgery for whatever reason, I would highly recommend consulting a Breast or Plastic Surgeon to fully understand all your options depending on the look you want to achieve.

The team at Pall Mall Medical were really helpful in addressing any concerns I had before the surgery. They provided me with the best post-op care and advice.

I hope my experience and research will help you become the best version of you.

Acknowledgement from Pall Mall Medical:

To our recent patient: Whilst we respect your wish to remain anonymous, we very much appreciate you sharing your experience to help others in better understanding their options.