Maria O'Brien – My Story

My Experience – Tummy Tuck with Mr Prasad

I had chosen to have a Tummy Tuck due to weight gain following childbirth. At times my weight was up to 18-19 stone, but I worked hard to exercise and lose as much as possible. I lost over 5 stone but this left me with lots of excess skin.

The Consultation:

My experience meeting with Pall Mall Cosmetics was fantastic, I had looked around at many clinics, but seen so many positive reviews here that I decided to come and see Mr Prasad.

He made me feel comfortable and his mannerisms were excellent compared to what I had seen at other clinics.

We spoke about the troublesome area of fatty skin around my lower abdomen that would not shift, no matter my diet and exercise. I therefore decided to go private and have cosmetic surgery to get rid of this stubborn fat and excess skin.

Surgery & Post-Operation:

I had a fantastic experience with my surgery. On the day I felt really nervous and anxious, but the surgical team helped me to calm down, no matter how many times I jumped up from my chair. They talked me through everything and helped me to relax.

When I woke up, I seen the same faces which was nice and comforting, who again took care of me.  I had tea and coffee, lunch, a beautiful room and all the staff were excellent.

I chose Pall Mall Cosmetics as they made it so convenient for me. As a mother, I could not be away from home overnight, but the team arranged my surgery exactly around this issue. Mr Prasad seen me first thing in the morning, so I could have my surgery, recover properly and still be discharged to return home the very same day.  It was also a clinic with great reviews, clearly with a 5-star rating.

The Results:

Tummy tuck before and after photo 7 from Abdominoplasty surgery at Pall Mall Cosmetics

I am delighted with my tummy tuck results, they are more than I ever expected. With losing weight so rapidly, I was left with stretchmarks, but I had not imagined Mr Prasad would improve these as part of the surgery.

However, after surgery the stretchmarks have almost 90% gone! I am really over the moon that it has been beyond what I could have wished for and I would definitely recommend this hospital and having your cosmetic surgery here.

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