Maxine’s cosmetic surgery journey at Pall Mall

Our Lead Nurse Maxine who works at our private hospital in Newton-le-Willows recently had surgery at Pall Mall and wants to share her story.

What prompted you to consider cosmetic surgery at Pall Mall?

“Over the last two years I’ve lost seven stone. I used to be quite massively overweight and subsequently had health implications that came with that, so I realised it was time to make a change for my health.

“Now that I’ve been left with loose, excess skin I’m even more self-conscious of my body than before.

“I chose to have my surgery at Pall Mall as I know first-hand that we work with the very best surgeons, and I trust completely in my colleagues to look after me well.”

What surgery did you have? 

“I had a tummy tuck with muscle repair and a breast augmentation and uplift with our wonderful Mr Krishnan.

“I was promised that I wouldn’t have a T-junction scar on my breast – just a scar on my areola, which was something I was conscious about I didn’t want any more scarring than necessary.”

How was your recovery?

“Overall, my recovery went really well. Within 20 days I was back at work with my colleagues who looked after me after my surgery.

“There were ups and downs in terms of discomfort, but I found all of the pain bearable and worthwhile for the fantastic end result!”

What piece of advice would you give to anyone looking to have cosmetic surgery?

“My main piece of advice would be making sure you have enough time to rest and recovery properly.

“Your recovery period is so important and the way you recover can impact the results of your surgery.

“Don’t feel like you need to rush back into your normal routine, have days where you just stay in bed to rest if you feel like doing that!”

You can find out more by visiting our Instagram page and clicking the “Maxine” story highlight.

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