Megan – My Story

My Experience – Breast Enlargement with Mr Prasad

I came to Pall Mall to have a breast augmentation. It’s something that I’ve wanted for a few years. I wasn’t necessarily unhappy with what I already had, but I really wanted to enhance it for my future and was definitely happy with the results.

The Consultation:

I did a lot of research before attending a consultation. I had already visited 4 other clinics before Pall Mall. There was something a little ‘off’ about them. The cosmetic coordinators at Pall Mall replied back to me straight away. When I got to Pall Mall Cosmetics, it felt like everything was right. I read a lot about the surgeon and did not find one bad thing. I met the surgeon at my first consultation visit, Mr Prasad made me feel at ease, he was very knowledgeable and it was very good experience.

My care coordinator Helen was amazing, she was there from the start till the very end and supported me throughout my whole journey. Each and every call I made, the team always got back to me too.

I was nervous myself and I also had a few problems with the financial side as I was applying for finance. I didn’t get it first time, but Helen was really supportive and made the process easy as we did manage to sort it out for me.


Surgery & Post-Operation:

Being quite an anxious person, I was soo nervous before my surgery. Even though I was really excited, I was nervous not only for the surgery but also the for anaesthetic and everything like that. I knew what was going to happen, but this is different from a normal hospital experience. It was good, even the ladies at the reception are so comforting, friendly and helpful. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at any time or anything.

Nurse Maxine came to greet me on arrival and took me to my room where I was going to stay after surgery and explained the whole process. Every single Nurse I met, was lovely.

When I first woke up, I felt great! I thought I didn’t see where all the stories of pain are all about. I felt groggy, but it was fine, I didn’t feel too bad. I seen the results straight away, even though it changes, but straight away I was happy with my results and knew I was only going to get happier.

My recovery experience was amazing. I recovered really quickly and got to go home after just a few hours. At home, the recovery was no more painful than expected. I was able get around more and  do most things after 3 days and was back to normal after 1-2 weeks. I seen Maxine for a check up after a week or 2 and Mr Prasad booked me in around 6 weeks post surgery, everything was fine and he discharged me.

You always read online that you’re always happy with your results, but everybody goes through a stage when you are unsure saying “I don’t know about this” or “I don’t know about that”.  Helen was truly lovely and dealt with every situation perfectly, made me feel welcome and went the extra mile for me in every way.  I think it is important to know after a few weeks, when everything has settled after 6 weeks or so, I was then saying “I love them” and there is absolutely nothing I would change about them.

Watch My Story:

See My Results:

Breast Enlargement before and after photo with patient story at Pall Mall Cosmetics

Overall I don’t have a bad word to say about Pall Mall Cosmetics, and I would highly recommend them in the future. I am amazed with my results from the surgeon, Mr Prasad. I couldn’t fault him in any way. I am really happy with my results.

Before surgery I was not uncomfortable with the way I looked, but I am absolutely more confident now with who I am, and comfortable with my body, Im really pleased.

I have already recommended Pall Mall Cosmetics to my friends and on Facebook, I would say to everybody – there is nothing Pall Mall could have done more for me. They made me feel comfortable and happy in every single way. I have done and always will recommend here.


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