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Make a Change: Men’s Health at Pall Mall Medical

November is the month when men of all ages attempt to grow and style their most impressive moustaches to raise awareness and funds for men’s health initiatives. This is all thanks to the Movember Foundation, who seek to make a positive change to men’s health. Started in Australia in 2003, the campaign has gone global and has already made a positive impact. This fundraising campaign is well underway for this month, but if you still want to raise awareness and make a difference, there’s still plenty of time.

The Statistics

According to the Movember Foundation, 1 in 20 men who get testicular cancer will die, and this is predominantly young men. The good news is that testicular cancer is 95% treatable if caught early, and the best way to tackle this is by performing regular self-exams and consulting your GP with any changes you are concerned about.

1 in 8 men in the UK suffer from poor mental health, and suicide is the biggest cause of death for men between 20 and 34, state the different Pall Mall Medical consultants for mental health. Pall Mall Medical offers appointments and treatment for psychiatry and psychology concerns without the long waiting lists. The rate of male suicide in the UK has been swiftly rising and is expected to rise even further, so taking care of your mental wellbeing is more important than ever.

The biggest killer of men in the UK is prostate cancer. 42,000 men are diagnosed with it each year, and one dies every hour. It is the most common male cancer in the UK and more awareness needs to be raised.

So how can you help? As a man, keep checking yourself for any changes and go and see your GP if you have any concerns, guidelines to this can be found on the Movember website or Cancer Research UK.  Everybody can support Mo Bros and Mo Sistas raising funds for the cause by checking out their Mo Spaces. You can also donate directly to the charity and raise awareness for men’s health all year round.

Ask an Expert

At Pall Mall Medical, men can get help with the following: male menopause, full health checks and urology and prostate tests. According to Cancer Research UK, men are 14% more likely to develop cancer than women. This figure is expected to reach 1 in 5 by 2027Vijay Sangar, a Consultant Urologist at Pall Mall Medical, gives his expert advice on men’s health.

Although regular health checks (yearly) are important, men should get symptoms checked if they:

·       Have problems passing urine

·       Notice blood in their urine

·       Have a family history of prostate cancer (regular checks from age 45)

·       If they come from other high-risk groups e.g. African and Caribbean men are at greater risk so should seek advice sooner

Warning signs for prostate cancer and urological disorders:

·       Passing urine frequently, slowly, urgently

·       Burning when you pass urine

·       Erection problems

·       Passing blood in the urine

There are several factors that might prevent a man from seeking help for his symptoms. These could be an embarrassment, having no time, or the pressures of masculinity. These instances of men ignoring health problems are what the Movember foundation seeks to change, showing that it’s not weak or embarrassing to do so. Another factor may be a man preferring to see a male rather than a female doctor. If this is the case, then asking to see a male doctor can be done.

Healthcare experts advocate that everybody over 40 should have a full health screening yearly, but this is something men often neglect. Men’s Health Screenings are available at Pall Mall Medical, so think of it as an MOT for your body.

Catch it early

Prostate cancer affects 134 men per 100,000, which means there are 35,000 cases per year. 60% of these cases can occur in those under the age of 75 years.

Early diagnosis can result in a greater chance of a higher survival rate, so regular self-examinations and health check-ups are vital. There’s no need to be embarrassed, as medical professionals will try and make you as at ease as possible. Some exams may cause discomfort, like the prostate exam, but in the long run, it could save you a lot of pain and even your life!

Prostate cancer is the fourth commonest cause of death from cancer in the UK, which equates to 35 deaths per 100,000 men. At diagnosis, men are categorised into low, medium and high risk. If you are low risk, then treatment is not always indicated and the disease can be monitored.

One of the rarer cancers is penile cancer. This affects 1 in 100,000 men. It occurs predominantly in elderly men but 50% of those diagnosed are under the age of 50. It is caused by the tight foreskin, HPV infection, obesity and smoking. In most cases it is treatable and survival rates are over 90%. An earlier diagnosis usually means less disfiguring surgery.

Cancer Research UK has information for diagnosis, treatment and useful resources for penile cancerprostate cancer and testicular cancer.

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