MRI Scans All you want to know

At Pall Mall Medical, you can book a private MRI scan without any NHS referral needed. We can organise rapid access appointments for a single or multiple MRI scans for expert diagnosis of any injury, condition or just for peace of mind. Prices start from £400 at our CQC-certified diagnostic centre.


What is MRI Scan?

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is used to scan internal organs, bones and soft tissues (including blood vessels and muscles). Doctors use it for diagnosis of diseases, impact of injuries or before surgeries to decide the procedure. MRI scans can be done on any part of the body including head and brain. It is a non-intrusive procedure that can be done for health screening of people across age groups.


When is it needed?


MRI is recommended for diagnosis of chronic or acute pain such as joint pain, tendons or ligaments, movement-related pain or any location-specific pain. MRI can be used to detect Arthritis and damage to ligaments, cartilages.


MRI scans are widely used by doctors to check for tumours in the body, health of organs such as heart defects, and brain-related ailments that could be causing headaches such as tissue growth. It can also be used for checking nerve-related concerns.

Surgeries or invasive procedure:

Doctors conduct MRI scans before surgery or some invasive procedures. This can be done to either rule out a tumour, prepare for back surgeries or safely performing an epidural injection.

Health Screening:

Since MRI scans can give detailed information on various kinds of tissues inside the body, they can be used for detecting health risks of organs and muscles. MRI is a risk-free way of doing a pro-active check-up of organs and body. Find out more about the full body scan.


Is it safe?

MRI scans are a procedure undertaken around the world without any risks. As it produces a magnetic field, metals can be affected by it. Hence, patients with metal inserts such as pace-maker are not recommended to have an MRI scan. Our radiologist will go through your history and requirements to ensure that MRI is a healthy option for you.



Once your scan has been booked, you can visit our clinic 15 min before your appointment to our Newton-le-Willows clinic, which is open Mon-Sat.

It is a routine procedure and does not require any special dietary or other preparation. If any such preparation is needed, your radiologist will communicate that to you much in advance.

If you are in pain or need assistance at the clinic, please discuss it with our staff at the time of booking and they will be able to help you. We will work with you to ensure it is a smooth process.


What happens during an MRI?


By using magnetic and radio waves, MRI scans produce two and three-dimensional images of the inside of the human body. The magnets are located inside the doughnut shaped body. Our radiologist will place the patient’s concerned body part there for a proper scan. A scan usually takes 30-60 minutes.

The magnets create magnetic and radio waves by rotating at high speed. This can create some noise. However, the patient is not at risk from either sound or the machine. Our radiologist will work with you and provide you with an emergency button, in case you need it.


These images will be able to show your various tissues and their location. A doctor will use these images to detect any abnormal growth, tears or scarring. Based on the scan’s results, your doctor will prescribe a course of treatment that suits you best.

After Scan

You will be able to leave right after the scan.

Our scan reports are turned around very quickly, (within 3-5 working days) and when completed we’ll send the report to a doctor of your choice; if your MRI report returns with any abnormalities, we also offer self-referral bookings to our 150 specialist consultants to discuss your results if needed. We also offer a Fast Track reporting service if you need results turned around very quickly (as quick as 24-48 hours*).

If you take the referral form a GP at Pall Mall Medical, they will go over the results with you and discuss the course of action/ treatment for your health.


Do I need a doctor’s/ NHS referral?

No NHS referral needed.

A radiologist requires a doctor’s referral to conduct an MRI. At Pall Mall Medical, we can arrange for a GP consultation, who can discuss your needs and refer an MRI as per medical requirements. This consultation can be arranged over the phone as well.

You can also use a referral from your own GP to get an MRI scan. All the referrals are sent to a radiologist who will go through it to confirm the scan.


How much will it cost?

The price for a scan starts from £400. If you need a scan for more than one area then refer below –


Our MRI scan prices

Area(s) for MRI Scanning Price Results
Turnaround Time
1 Area £400 3-5 days
2 Areas £600 3-5 days
3 Areas £750 3-5 days
4 Areas £900 3-5 days
Brain & Body Scan

(Click here to find out what’s included)

£1550 3-5 days
Multi-Parametric MRI (mp-MRI) Prostate Scan

(Click for more information)

£875 3-5 days
Contrast on Scan* £150
Image disc set available £30
Image/s sent via IEP to another consultant/hospital FREE


* If the radiographer needs to apply contrast due to the nature of the scan then an additional cost of £150.00 is required. Only when the radiographer receives details of the scan, is a decision made as to whether contrast is required or not.


Why wait for an appointment – get a scan today or next working day.

It is as easy as – fill a form or call us at 0330 058 44 55 or email us at

We can book you for a scan either same day or next working day. It is that quick and easy. Don’t wait, book now.

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