Pall Mall Medical Launches ‘Manopause’ Screen: A Specialist Screen to Diagnose and Combat the Symptoms of Male Menopause

  • North West healthcare provider Pall Mall Medical launches package of check-ups for men experiencing symptoms of the male menopause, including erectile disfunction, loss of muscle mass, lethargy, irritability, problems with memory and sleep disturbance
  • Package also offers advice on treatments to alleviate these symptoms
  • Launch aims to raise awareness of the symptoms associated with male menopause which some men may find embarrassing and hard to confront

North West healthcare provider, Pall Mall Medical, has launched the ‘Manopause’ Package: a consultant led screening for men experiencing symptoms associated with the Male Menopause, including erectile disfunction, loss of muscle mass, irritability, problems with memory and sleep disturbance, in order to help them find treatments which could improve their overall wellbeing.

Men are generally far less likely to visit their doctor with nine in ten stating that they are unwilling to visit their GP unless their condition is serious*, meaning many will either ignore male menopause symptoms or simply accredit them to reaching middle age.

However, these symptoms shouldn’t be ignored as they could be associated with underlying medical issues including low testosterone, depression and stress or anxiety, which can have a real impact on day-to-day health and happiness.

Pall Mall Medical’s ‘Manopause’ screening includes a specialist consultation with a consultant  urologist along with blood tests including lipids, testosterone and a PSA test to check for Prostate Cancer. The independent healthcare provider created this package in response to ever-increasing interest from its patients in male hormone testing and private urology appointments, which has risen by 51% since 2018.

The screening takes just one hour and can be undertaken at Pall Mall Medical’s private hospital in Newton-Le-Willows or at its city centre clinics in Liverpool and Manchester.

Mr. Arie Parnham, Consultant Urologist at Pall Mall Medical said: “This discreet and confidential package of private tests aims to end embarrassment some men feel around the symptoms associated with ageing, which by no means have to be an inevitable part of reaching middle age.”

“A quick set of tests could find underlying issues that are entirely treatable via programmes of HRT, lifestyle and dietary changes and I’d advise any man facing symptoms of the male menopause to undertake the screening – or visit their own GP – to see what positive changes can be made for their general health and happiness.”

Pall Mall Medical is offering an introductory 15 percent off their male menopause screening, which is now priced at £360 throughout November and December. Those interested in the package should quote MOV2019 when booking at 03300 58 44 55.


Notes to editors:

Offers available from 19th November – 25th December.

Pall Mall Medical provides high-quality private healthcare services to self-paying and private medical insured patients with no waiting lists for any appointments, scans or surgery. Our CQC-certified clinics are conveniently located in Liverpool, Manchester & Newton-Le-Willows.

At Pall Mall medical you can book a one-off appointment with a consultant urologist without an NHS referral.

Pall Mall Medical also offers self-referral for individual blood tests which can include male hormones, testosterone (free and total), PSA and male infertility. Outside of male urology concerns, we also offer 1500 blood tests which don’t require a referral from the NHS and can be booked directly with Pall Mall.

* National Pharmacy Association Study, 2012