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A retired police officer, who feared he would be left paralysed as a result of injuries he sustained on duty, has turned to Pall Mall Medical for help after his previous GP told him he was costing the NHS too much money.

Max*, a father of two from Manchester, retired from the police force after a series of serious incidents left him with life-changing back and neck injuries. In one instance, Max was hit by a car at 90mph and broke his neck.

Max (51) underwent three major operations and despite still living in constant pain, felt he was an inconvenience to his GP and the long waiting times for appointments became increasingly frustrating.

Unable to cope with the agony and uncertainty, Max turned to Pall Mall Medical in search of a solution and booked in to have an MRI scan the next day. Here he explains how an unexpected and difficult turn of events eventually helped him to get his treatment on the right track:

I’d recently had an operation to implant metal plates, screws and rods in my lumbar region and on the morning of the MRI scan, I found myself in extensive pain from my lower spine. My leg was also in a brace and I was supported by a single crutch, but I was determined to get to the root of the problem and so persevered on with the journey to the clinic.”

Unfortunately, my symptoms worsened and I found myself unable to walk. By the time I arrived at Pall Mall Medical I was in excruciating pain, so the staff rang the emergency services and explained my complex medical history to them.

Pall Mall Medical has an arrangement with the NHS and is able to quickly transfer patients should the need for emergency treatment arise. But due to circumstances beyond the control of Pall Mall Medical, it took five hours for the ambulance to attend. Max continues:

The nurses and sisters managed to safely move me to a bed where they gave me medical assistance and kept me as comfortable as possible. They stayed by my side throughout and spoke at length to the ambulance staff to stress the urgency of the situation and the severity of my pain.

I recall them stating that my symptoms resembled that of cord compression and their assessments of my medical situation could have progressed to this.

I’d thought that some of the screws and plates that I have in my back had become loose as it felt as though one of the screws was stabbing me. I’m used to dealing with pain on a daily basis because of my disabilities, but the pain I experienced that day whilst waiting for the ambulance was like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

Although I was scared and at times I was nearly screaming in agony, the staff at Pall Mall Medical somehow managed to make me feel at ease.

After a five hour wait, the paramedics arrived and took me to A&E, where I spent the night. The doctors I saw the following day were brilliant and I was sent for more scans to find out what was causing this pain.”

Following scans and X-rays the doctors revealed that as Pall Mall Medical had predicted, Max’s disc was leaning and touching the cord in his back, causing bruising and restricting mobility. The next stage of this would have led to cord compression. He is currently waiting for an appointment through the NHS for a neurosurgeon and his back pain is being treated with strong painkillers.

Max said: “I can’t thank the Pall Mall Medical team enough for how they treated me. Their commitment to patient care is commendable, in my case the staff were due to finish at six in the evening but they stayed with me past midnight, which is beyond their duty of call. The standard of service that I received whilst waiting for the ambulance was incredible and thanks to their level of expertise, I’m finally getting the answers I’ve been looking for.”

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* Name changed to protect the identity of our patient 

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